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4 Effective ways to measure and improve event ROI

Four ways to ensure surefire ROI boost for next event

Business events are an essential factor impacting your brand. These not only provide you with a chance to present your brand image to the audience but earn dividends as well. Can an event do that? Absolutely, yes. You can track and eventually improve the return on investment of your next event.

This article aims to shed light on the ways you can measure and improve your event ROI prospects.

Four ways to ensure surefire ROI boost for next event

Some events make headlines, while no one talks about the rest of them. The reason of this discord is not difficult to identify. The events which are on every second person’s lip are the one which is organized with the key focus aimed at promotion and ROI boosting hacks. When more people know about it and rush towards attending them, ROI levels are sure to increase

Businesses in the UAE, thus, have identified this key to the success of their events is seeking professional help in materializing their ROI goals. If your event venue is there, you can easily get in touch with one of the reputable Event companies in Dubai to gain the most out of your event in terms of profit as well as recognition among people.

Ways to track and improve ROI levels are as follows:

Social media monitoring

Social media provides you with an opportunity to observe and track the sentiments of people about your event while they are attending it. One way to do this is to introduce a unique hashtag on twitter. People will not only be haring they are at your event, but they would also be saying things they find well and bad about your event.

Thus you can use social media for Clues and insights when the event is going on. Prioritize social media during the events. And even more so when the event is over. When the event is over, the commentary on various social media platforms regarding the event experience will be the feedback you require before your next event.

In-Event Surveys

Your event lineup is something you spend a lot of time deciding and then executing it with the help of professionals. Won’t it be nice if people like all that you have planned for them? But how can one know? In-event survey forms are your way to go.

While they are at the event venue, this is the best time to take their views and record them, because the experience is fresh in their memory. They will fill in the impromptu information without any biases and mixing their own opinions with those of other friends.

Targeted Messaging

Nowadays, you can easily track the movement of people attending your event. You can identify the areas people are gravitating the most towards, and then place your advertisement content there. Apart from that, you can use digital data and use targeted messaging and emails for reminding the audience about the upcoming speakers and performances, etc.

When you have messaged people before the event, you can devise a way to find out how many of those who received the message are there on the event day. You can also assess the percentage of attendees who are there because they received the targeted message.


Digital gadgets have made it easy to add Gamification as a component of any event. Even if you don’t use the technology for games and activities, you can still make your event good and track its progress. You can arrange for a scavenger hunt or a photo quest. These activities encourage the attendees to be an engaging part of your event.

Get people to check-in at event locations on social media platforms. In return, you can incentivize them. Thus, your event coverage will improve.

Seek professional help for event ROI boost

Events only benefit you when they improve your brand recognition and improve profitability. If they fail to do so, your effort may go in vain, no matter how well you planned it. Execution matters too. For execution, you need to seek professional help.

If you are organizing your event in the UAE, you have many reputable professionals around. You can contact one of the event companies in Dubai to ensure that your event doesn’t prove the tone of the unlisted ones.

Enhance event ROI!

Return on investment is the primary goal behind any business event. If you are looking forward to organizing your business event in the near future, make sure you follow the best practices mentioned above. The success will be yours. You will not only be able to enhance your business profitability, but your business credibility will improve. You may even experience that your customer base will widen simultaneously.

The key is to make smart choices and make them on time!

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