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Gifts of Gratitude: 8 Unique Ways to Show Your Long-Distance Friend You Care

Gifts of Gratitude: 8 Unique Ways to Show Your Long-Distance Friend You Care

You may have known them since grade school or met them in college; you may have never met them before, but talk endlessly on the phone or over FaceTime. Long distance friends are a special breed. No matter where you are or what you’re going through in life, long distance friends stick by your side emotionally because the distance is truly never an issue. 

While your friendship or romantic relationship may be enough on its own, there are lots of ways to show these important people in your life that you care, so they will always feel appreciated.  With the progress of technology, gadgets are becoming more and more in synch with the essence of what it means to be connected. Fortunately, there are plenty of other creative strategies to strengthen the bond between you, no matter how far apart you are in the real world.

Buy Them a Digital Locket Necklace

This is not your grandmother’s locket. This necklace looks like a simple gemstone on a chain but it’s actually a virtual Pandora’s Box of love. Simply download the app to scan the necklace and voila, a photo appears. You can change the photo whenever you wish and when you do, your friend, or romantic partner, who lives far, far away, will share those memories with you all over again.

Purchase Friendship Bracelets for Both of You

Nobody will know but the two of you that you are wearing matching bracelets, but really, nobody else needs to know! Just seeing and touching the bracelet will elicit heartfelt reminders of your friend, which, one could argue, is just as powerful as any virtual image.

Send an Egift Card Instantaneously to Use Toward Whatever They Need

When you can’t be there yourself, an egift card is the next best thing. You know, better than anyone, what your friend is craving for lunch on any given day, or what movie they’d really like to see, and this gift can be used for just about anything.  It is also very convenient.  It can be purchased instantly online and sent via text or email.  There are Egift cards available for virtually every store imaginable, giving your friend the freedom to get exactly what they want, and they’ll love you for the opportunity.

Buy State Stamped Tassel Key Chains for Both of You

You can have both individual’s states stamped onto both key chains, as a reminder of each other every single day. It’s the perfect level of cryptic, making it a ‘secret’ between friends that can be easily squeezed inside your palm with well wishes sent from afar.

Make a Standing Date

Once a day, once a week, or once a month, whatever each of your schedules allows, make a standing date to talk with one another via video chat or over the phone. Even in the busiest of lives, friends need to find a way to stay in touch, regularly. The effort that the two of you give toward this goal will help you feel secure within the friendship.

Participate in an Activity – Even if You’re Apart!

There are so many things the two of you can do together, even when you’re apart.  Do you both love a particular show? Maybe there is a podcast the two of you would like to listen to together. Or choose a movie on Netflix to watch simultaneously, and discuss the plot and character activity with each other, over the phone just like you were in a movie theater. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Write Each Other Creative Letters

Technology is definitely fun, but it can’t replace the personality behind your own handwriting, complete with stickers, drawings, photos, and whatever else makes your letters complete. Choose distinctive, whimsical stationery, arm yourself with colorful gel pens, and write the letters regularly. Send the letters in a bundle or send them one at a time. Checking the mail has never been so exciting.

Get Each of You a Friendship Lamp

One of the newest, brightest, and most thoughtful gifts: Each person is notified that the other is thinking of them with the simple touch of the lamp, wherever the other person is, their lamp lights up. This heartwarming and unique accessory closes the distance between the two of you in a way that is silent, ever present, and beautifully illuminating.

It’s hard to not be able to spend time in real life with someone you care deeply about and cannot be near. Luckily, there are a multitude of ways to bring the two you together, regardless of your geography!


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