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How to Make Your Advent Calendars Unique

How to Make Your Advent Calendars Unique

Making an exceptional advent calendar is one of the best gifts you offer a loved one. Creating a magnificent and innovative, advent calendar doesn’t require spending so much. What makes a unique advent calendar, and how do you create some?

Read and learn insights for creating an exceptional advent calendar that is certain to make your vacation season memorable.

What are Advent Calendars?

Advent calendars are a beloved holiday custom that came from the Christian religious practice. However, they have developed into mainstream symbols of expectation and fun during Christmas. The calendars are built to count down the days from December 1st to Christmas Day, December 25th, building fervor and anticipation for the occasion.

Traditionally, the calendars have Christian significance because they mark a month paving the way to the festival of the birth of Jesus Christ. The phrase “advent” itself signifies “arrival” or “coming” – meaning the anticipation of the birth of Jesus. A lot of Christian Advent calendars incorporate religious symbols or scripture readings. Each day’s opening serves as a sign of the spiritual significance of Christmas.

In contemporary mainstream culture, advent calendars are in different forms, and their content is varied. Here are a few common features:

24 or 25 compartments

Typically, advent calendars have 24 or 25 compartments, each relating to a day in December until Christmas.


Behind every compartment, there is an astonishment. These surprises vary – from chocolates and candies to little toys, beauty products,  knickknacks, or just acts of kindness.


Every day, one compartment is opened, uncovering the surprise inside. It serves as a daily custom of anticipation.


These calendars come in several sizes and shapes. Some are designed with simple papers, while others are decorative, intricate pieces that can be placed on walls or tabletops.


A lot of people make or buy customized advent calendars. The main reason for this is to include a special touch to their vacation celebrations.

So far across the world, advent calendars have transformed into a magnificent way of celebrating the Christmas holiday, with different designs and themes appealing to different traditions and tastes. 

Ways to Make Unique Advent Calendars 

There are different methods and steps for creating a unique advent calendar. They are highlighted below:

1. Pick a theme

Start by choosing a theme that will influence you or your loved ones. 

Whether it is about a movie you loved, a shared hobby, or a particular color scheme – a theme will give your calendar a personalized and cohesive look. 

2. Tools and materials

Depending on your selected design, get essential supplies like small boxes, cardstock, envelopes, or wrapping paper.

Likewise, you will need markers, glue, scissors, and decorations matching your theme.

3. Design and structure 

You need to determine the structure of your calendar. Regular options include a wall-decorated calendar, a tree-formed one, or individual boxes organized in creative shapes. 

Sketch your design out and contemplate how you will number and enhance every compartment.

4. Make the compartments

Cut and collect the compartments. Assuming you are using envelopes or little boxes, you should decorate them just like your themes.

Number every compartment from 1 to 24, addressing the days of December heading to Christmas.

5. Load with surprises 

Conclude what surprises will go in every compartment. These can go from small toys and chocolates to customized notes or thoughtful gestures for every day. 

Ensure that the things or messages match your theme and give pleasure to the beneficiary.

6. Decorate and customize

Adorn your advent calendar with designs that fit your selected theme. 

Try using strips, stickers, paint, or other art supplies to make it outwardly engaging. 

Consider adding the beneficiary’s name or a genuine message to make it more special.

7. Showcase your calendar 

Pick a prominent spot to display your advent calendar. You can place it on a table or a wall or hang it on a shelf. 

Ensure it is easy to access so you can appreciate it daily.

8. Day-to-day ritual 

Have a daily ritual around your calendar. Urge relatives to alternate opening the compartments and partaking in the surprises inside. 

This can be an exceptional moment of togetherness during the Christmas season.

9. Archive the journey 

It’s also fun to document your advent calendar venture. Take photographs or recordings of every day’s surprise being uncovered. 

You can make a digital scrapbook or essentially enjoy thinking back on the memories later in the future. 


Making a one-of-a-kind advent calendar is an amazing way of mixing your vacation season with personalization and creativity. 

By adhering to the steps above and embracing your selected theme, you will make a valued tradition that pleases your family and friends each December. The process is fun; enjoy it. Finally, visit and get tips for the best advent calendar.

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