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The rise of online classes after COVID-19

online classes

After the COVID-19 outbreak, the world changed; all the systems were converted from offline to online. Online classes are the most trending of them.

More than 32 crore students, out of almost 1.2 billion worldwide, are suffering from the effects of this pandemic.

There is no communication for a more extended period of time between teachers and students.

In that period, the only solution was to offer an online course, but accessing all converted to online classes was very difficult. As a result, both the school and university levels have been affected.

But that was the triggering point of online classes, and it’s arising very fast. So now, it is no longer difficult to be able to access it, and it is more affordable and convenient to take classes offline.

Let’s discuss some of the factors that are encouraged to rise in online classes after the COVIS-19 outbreak.

1- Easy to Access

Having Internet access is one of the main benefits of studying online since anyone can access to learn at any time and from any place with just a few clicks.

As well as the class being available 24/7, they can access the class via Whatsapp, the Internet, Google, etc. It makes them easy to access irrespective of place and time.

2- Affordable

A major factor is the relatively low cost of the Internet over the past few years. Taking online classes allows you the freedom to choose a time and location that is convenient for you. Online classes can eliminate all the trips to schools and universities. In addition, you can save by avoiding all the fees that come with hostels, such as travel, canteen, etc.

3- Borning new Technologies

Over the past few years, the number of companies has increased. They use many marketing strategies to enroll students and encourage them to take online classes due to many obstacles in India that will help all students with online classes. In addition to providing economic assistance to these companies, the government also encourages them.

4- Habitual purposes

In students’ comfort zones, online classes are now increasing for the main reason. These students rarely do anything outside of their comfort zone. Moreover, all offline courses are shortened due to pandemic breaks because lockdowns are back to back, so most students are accustomed to online education.

5- Flexible time

There is a great advantage to the online education system. The class time can be flexible and time that is convenient for them. Students working and those not working will both benefit from this.

6- High Competition

Due to the high level of competition in Edtech, all courses are becoming cheaper and more accessible within a few clicks. Parents have also supported their children in accessing online classes for affordability.

India has been new in this online classes world but is rising very fast. However, the transition to online classes will take some time, especially in developed countries, because of awareness, accessible devices, cheap and faster Internet, etc.

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