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How to Use Critical Chain Method in Construction Projects?

Critical Chain Method in Construction Projects

The critical chain method is one of the most important strategies used in construction projects to ensure they meet the scheduled timeline. A number of issues arise during the construction of a project, which can make it fall behind its schedule. When the parties fail to follow the schedule, conflict, and claim issues emerge, which undermine the market value of the project.

The issue of conflicts and claims is more common in countries like the UAE, which has quite a busier construction industry. The parties have greater chances of making mistakes due to the load of work. However, they are also aware of the loss caused by conflict and claim issues. So, they consult the services of experts for the smooth resolution of their issues.

The construction parties acquire the services of construction claim consultant Dubai and ensure resolution of their claims, along with getting strategies for future progress.

This article will discuss the ways experts utilize the critical chain method in construction projects.

Top 5 Steps to Perform Critical Chain Method Analysis

The critical chain method is specifically used to make changes in the construction schedule. The main purpose behind it is to control the possibility of delay and resultant claims due to the failure to complete the project on time.

The following are some of the most important steps experts use to perform critical chain method analysis in construction projects.

1. Classify All Activities and Dependencies

The very first step of critical chain method analysis is classifying all activities and dependencies in the construction projects. The experts develop a complete list and track record of different activities taking place in the project as well as the level of their completion.

They also account for the activities that depend on some other task and make an estimate of the total required time frame for completion.

2. Create a Schedule Network Diagram

The next step experts use in critical chain method analysis is the creation of a scheduled network diagram. The diagram includes the list of tasks and activities still in the completion process in the construction project.

The diagrams also include the estimate of days all activities will individually require for completion. Utilizing the diagram, the experts make an estimate to cut down the schedule to ensure timely completion of the project.

3. Outline Constraints

The next step in the critical chain method analysis is outlining the constraints. The experts analyze the activities and situation of the construction. They highlight the problematic areas which can later cause problems and further impact the completion of the project.

Outlining the constraints help the experts identify the problems arising at different stages of the project and develop the strategies to culminate them.

4. Decide Critical Path

The fourth step in the critical chain method analysis used by the experts in the construction projects is deciding the critical path. The experts utilize information from the schedule network diagram and constraints to decide on the critical path.

The critical path helps them to cut short the issues and problems and focus on the completion of the construction project.

5. Apply Resource Availability

The last and final step of the critical chain method expert use in construction projects is the application of resource availability. The experts focus on utilizing the available resources in an efficient manner while limiting the constraints and delay possibilities in the project.

The experts also highlight the need for extra resource application to ensure timely completion of the construction project and maximize the benefit of all involved parties.

Do you not have the expertise to use it?

It requires expert skills and abilities, so relying on the experts is the best option. You can acquire the services of construction claims consultants Dubai based companies and resolve all the related issues of your project.

Do not waste your time in conflicts and claims and consult the experts to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

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