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WordPress Hosting for a fast and secure website

WordPress is primarily a content management system. It is the easiest way of creating a website just like clicking and a creating website. It works on the PHP platform and MySQL database. WordPress is a simple and effective platform that helps you creating personal websites and blogs. At current times, more than 40 percent of websites are fuelled by WordPress. 

This open-source content management system is certified by GPLv2. It allows you to use this software for free. With this, you can also accomplish crucial features easily and you need not be an expert in programming. 

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a hosting that enhances WordPress website performance and its security. It helps to go easy with WordPress without facing any difficulties. It also automatically updates your WordPress software. WordPress hosting is mainly a hosting concept that is pre-configured for a WordPress website for an efficient hosting. 

There are two pillars of WordPress such as and is simply an open-source and here you have to host your website by yourself. On the other hand, in you do not have to concern about the hosting of your website. It automatically carries out the hosting part hence a nice option for any blogger. 

Types of WordPress Hosting

There are mainly two types of WordPress hosting India such as Shared WordPress hosting and Managed WordPress hosting. Let’s discuss both WordPress hosting types for better insight.

Shared WordPress hosting

If you are looking for a basic hosting opportunity for a casual website or blog then shared WordPress hosting may be a perfect choice. It is suitable for novices and a website with minimum traffic. Go for shared WordPress hosting if you do not like to spend a fortune. Economic and easy setup are key features of this type of hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you need a website with better speed, reliability, and enhanced security then managed WordPress hosting right for you. With this, you can avail features like automatic updates, WordPress support, security, and backups. Managed WordPress hosting provides better hardware specifications so boost the speed of your website. In this type of WordPress hosting, you can come across a better server-side caching. 

Managed WordPress hosting offers specific firewalls, malware scans and last but not the least intrusion detection that altogether enhances the security of your WordPress website. It also helps your website by offering better performance through an optimized server. You can also expect better scalability for boosting website traffic and better-quality support. 

Key Features of this type of hosting includes: 

  • Better security
  • Extremely fast 
  • Automatic update
  • Regular backup
  • Complete technical support
  • Better performance due to optimized server
  • Scalability 
  • Higher traffic rate

Bottom Line

If you are in the process of making a WordPress website and quite jumbled upon finding the best website hosting option then select the best one according to your requirement in between shared WordPress hosting and Managed WordPress hosting. Both are quite popular hosting plans to determine the accomplishment of your website. 

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Managed WordPress Hosting

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