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Why You should Plan Hiking In Nepal?

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We have heard and witnessed the mention and the presence of the mighty Himalayas in many art mediums. In stories, books, poems, paintings, music, film and cinema, the Himalayas have been used as a means to inspire people to lead a meaningful and fruitful life, in times when no inspiration was found in the world around and within them.

Nepal hosts more than 900+ tribes in her land and many tribes and it is truly an anthropological delight. It almost seems that the histories of these tribes and their cultures did not receive enough lime light in the modern world. But in the valleys of the country lies the most mind-boggling amount of traditions and cultures hidden in the valley. These tribes are varied and different from each other in so many ways. Some of the many tourists come to visit Nepal to do research work and simply experience the ways of life these tribes. Many of these tribes and castes are nomadic in nature, and one of the best things you will learn from them is, if you observe these tribes and their way of lives, they are extremely sustainable in nature. People in the modern world, who may think that they know it all and that they have great ideals, can surely learn a thing or two from these “primitive” tribes.

Apart from all these aspects of this country it is known to be one of the most famous adventure hubs of the world. One can enjoy many adventure sports like bungee jumping, mountain biking, paragliding, zip lining, light weight flight, mountain skiing, helicopter rides and other kinds of sports. Trekking is another huge adventure sport that is followed in Nepal. About 50000+ trekking enthusiasts flood the numerous trails in the Himalayan region. Trekking tour packages in Nepal usually cost lesser than trekking tour packages in India due to the currency rates, while providing similar and unique Himalayan experience on both sides of the Himalayas. One of the most famous trekking tours in Nepal is the Annapurna trekking tour (expeditions held in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas).

Nepal is flooded with trekking routes. These trails serve not only the professional trekker, but they also serve the pleasures of those who have just started with their trekking journey. There are many trekking expeditions that are 3-4 days, 5-6 days, 7-8 days, 14-15 days, and 20 days even. So a person with the minimum trekking skills has ample options to choose from.

Trekking here is versatile in the themes that it offers. One can opt to go for solo trekking, weekend trekking, bagpacking, short hiking, long expeditions, camping trips, and adventure sports trekking, where one can enjoy many kinds of adventure sports while on a trekking trip.

Even after all these aspects about hiking in Nepal, the best part is the fact that one can enjoy all these factors about Nepal at the most cheapest rates as compared to the many other countries that offer trekking in their mountain ranges. One can easily enjoy trekking with the help of all the 1800+ trekking and tour agencies of Nepal that organize these many treks all over the country.

For a cheap price of safe and affordable trekking expeditions you get to witness, 5 of the tallest mountains of the world in Nepal. Each step takes you through meandering paths of alpine forests and rich flora and fauna. These trails are a great experience for people working in so many professions, even if not in professions, the trails are a great way to experience the walk of life in general. People working as anthropologists, zoologists, biologists, yoga enthusiasts, adventure seekers, trekking enthusiasts, star-gazers, medical specialists and all kinds of professions can take a lot from the Himalayan region and it’s rich world.

The most attractive thing about the mountains of Nepal is that, the abominable snowman that is controversially known as the yeti is supposed to be living on the higher altitudes of these large mountain ranges. So if not anything else, hiking in Nepal is great for those who would want to take a chance at discovering this mystical creature and its way of life in these high mountains.

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