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Why You Need An Emergency AC Repair

Emergency Air Cooling Unit Repair

Dubai is known for its desert and hot climate. In such warm weather, it’s very compulsory to have an AC unit in your homes. The heat has arrived, you turn on your cooling system but in the middle of the night you feel hot as your AC suddenly breakdown and stop working now you need immediate help you can’t wait for the morning to call for a technician. As you can’t stay in that hot environment the whole night especially in the summer season.

But there’re some cases you feel your AC needs a technician. Your AC doesn’t stop working but it needs maintenance.

Dubai is full of companies that are here to help you with their 24/7 emergency services. Their service is live around the clock to help. They decide if an expert needs to come to check it right away or if it’s something that can wait until morning. Call one of them for your help. They reach your place in no time and fix your air conditioner in the first try. Now you can enjoy your cool air again.

Common Causes of emergency AC repair

You can’t deal with emergency repair by yourself you need a professional. Some causes that your cooling unit needs an expert are:

Improper Maintenance

Improper maintenance is the number one reason for an emergency call. It is recommended that your air conditioner unit needs to be maintained twice a year. If you are not scheduling regular maintenance and not hiring a professional to visit your AC unit for the task which includes cleaning, changing and verify the fluid level, your AC ends up with stop working. These simple tasks are essential to increase the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your cooling unit.

Inexperienced Service

If you are calling an inexperienced person or do it by yourself. This can also be the reason that your AC unit has stopped working and now you have to call for emergency repair. Professional service is very important for the efficiency and reliability of your AC system.

Outdated System

If you are using a system whose age is more than 12 or 15 years then this could be the reason for the low performance of your cooling system. Regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of the AC unit. Through regular maintenance, it can run more than 15 years. If you are calling experts for maintenance purposes, then your cooling system can run more with no issue.

Squealing sounds

Sometimes your AC making strange sounds. One common problem could be the fan belt. Regular maintenance could avoid such problems but sometimes there’s an emergency and you need a professional appointment.

Another reason your air conditioner making such sounds is because of the compressor. A compressor is operating at a height level of pressure which is unsafe. You should call an emergency repair for that.

Strange Smell

If you feel that there’s a strange smell coming from your AC unit immediately call a technician as it is because of some burning purpose. There should be a part of your cooling unit is so overheated that it’s literally burning. Now your cooling unit needs a technician.

No Air Flow

If you feel that no air is coming from your air conditioner unit. This indicates that your cooling unit has failed. It is because of some thermostat problem or there could be some debris in it that stops the airflow. If your AC unit doesn’t generate any air or air coming from it is not cool, go ahead call for an emergency AC repair.

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