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Why NVMe is Great But Data Recovery from NVME is Not

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SAS and SATA, take a step back. NVMe has arrived on the scene. Solid-State drives use flash memory, which is based on electricity, not physical movement. Old world storage mediums like hard drives are built on moving parts and magnetism. Problem is, moving parts will always fail.

NVMe is the protocol that is replacing SAS and SATA, which don’t have the ability to make the most out of flash storage. If you thought your SSD was operating at peak performance, look into NVMe, or non-volatile memory express, and you’ll be shocked at how optimized your flash memory can be. However, although this protocol will have your computer running at Mach 10, data recovery from NVMe is no walk in the park.

What is NVMe? A High-Level Introduction

If you are familiar with storage protocols and have a deep understanding of operating system architecture, this next section will give you a better idea of NVMe’s features. If you’re just looking for advice, please skip down to the next section.

NVMe is the next generation protocol used to communicate with high-speed storage. NVMe connects the memory subsystem to the host. This protocol is fairly new, packed with features and specifically designed for NAND memory directly connected to the CPU using the PCIe interface.

Traditional protocols use a number of CPU cycles to allow applications to access your valuable data. SAS and SATA wasted CPU resources, costing businesses and consumers money. NVMe can support multiple Input/Output queues with each queue having 64K entries. The NVMe minimizes CPU overhead used for data transfers and presents the capability to change the priority of data transfers based on workload requirements.

NVMe is Not the Panacea of Storage Security

NVMe SSDs are more dependable than flash drives, that’s for sure. But they’re not impervious to failure. NVMe storage might just kick the bucket if you’ve got:

  • Logical errors – Also known as “human error.” Maybe you deleted a critical file or folder you needed. Your file system may stop working.
  • Malware, viruses, or other nefarious programs that eat away at data.
  • You might be facing an inaccessible partition on your NVMe storage – this makes it impossible to access the data you so desperately need.
  • Physical damage still can occur to SSDs.
  • Your operating system may fail are corrupt your SSD
  • Maybe you accidentally reformatted your NVMe storage.
  • Although SSDs are sturdier storage devices than hard disk drives, bad blocks may still be present.

If your NVMe has failed, you’re going to need to call a data recovery company. Unfortunately, you will have to do a little digging to find a data recovery engineer who will even offer this option. Hopefully, this article saves you a bit of time.

We know that the NVMe protocol and SSDs are workhorses compared to hard drives, which makes it so appealing. Sadly though, each SSD manufacturer has a different process for creating storage, so there’s no standard for data recovery techs to follow when they try to retrieve your files.

This company is going to have to be staffed with competent, ingenuitive engineers who can think outside of the box to recover your deleted files without relying on procedures.

If Your NVMe Has Failed

If your NVMe storage media is losing files, the best thing to do is to turn it off. While they are hard at work,  SSDs may overwrite files which increase the probability of data loss. SSDs might also be hurting from physical damage or issues with memory. When you turn off your drive, you’re making a smart move – keeping your storage in its original condition.

SSD Data Recovery Requires the Best of the Best Engineers

Finding solid-state drive data recovery is an uphill battle because of each SSD’s unique features and TRIM technology. TRIM technology used by SSDs maximize performance, but also ensure that a file is completely removed from the SSD once it is deleted.

If you’ve lost files because of a mistake, physical damage, corruption or something else, you’re going to need to find an SSD data recovery service capable of working with TRIM technology.

NVMe Data Recovery is Even Harder than SSD Data Recovery

NVMe storage throws a monkey wrench into the highly complex procedure of SSD data recovery. With NVMes, each manufacturer has placed critical circuitry and components in different places. You’ll need a data recovery engineer who can pinpoint these areas without relying on past experience.

Finally, when SSDs develop bad sectors that lead to data loss, they only need a small percentage of these bad sectors to make the drive completely inaccessible for most data recovery techs.

There is a Solution

We understand. You probably didn’t expect SSD failure, and it caught you off guard. You might have put a lot of important data into the hands of NVMe, which means when you need to get it back, time is of the essence.

We recommend DataLab as your go-to NVMe data recovery company if you’re concerned about the recovered data success rate. In our experience:

A:) They offer it in the first place.

B:) They understand how important your data is, accommodating businesses with accelerated turnaround times.

C:) The price point is affordable, which you won’t find anywhere else in the data recovery industry.

D:) The company hires the best of the best. These experts can figure out if file recovery is possible.

When NVMe dies, you might find yourself in a panic. Keep calm, call a reliable data recovery company, and turn off your storage media as soon as you can.

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