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Why life in a Hostel is Good

life in a Hostel
life in a Hostel

These days; every school and good colleges have proper hostels and so students who are coming down to study from other cities can towns can stay there and study. Hostel life mean a lot to students because they not only work as an accommodation for the school and college students but they also make memories and help them to grow up in a city which they are not much aware of with new people.

Hostel life thus holds a very special corner in an individual’s life who have stayed there. Each and every college charges a minimum amount to provide a hostel room to their students and allen kota hostel fees is also not an exception.

Here are some major reasons to live in a PG.

This is a great advantage when it comes to PG. This rent factor is a huge deal for the rising popularity of a PG. They are any day lesser than that of renting a home. In comparison to the rents of any independent house, a PG rent cost much lesser. In fact, those who are new to their jobs cannot afford renting a flat and so staying at a PG can be a great idea for them too and that for an economical reason.

Optimum social security

In fact PGs are more secured than any rented apartment. They always offer a higher social security and one can also get some good and dependable roommates (who can also later turn to good friends). PGs are said to be much safer because they are mostly situated in a society premise and the owner of the building either stays in the same building or in a close by building. So even if there is any emergency there can always be immediate help.


PGs also have a lot of facilities. If one looks for best PG in manyata tech park then they can always loofk for ones which has all the basic facilities like electricity, WI-Fi, basic furniture and running water.

There are also some PGs which have homemade meal provisions as well and one can also give up the headache of cooking every day after office if they take the meal program.

These hostel buildings mainly have proper ventilated rooms and the ambience mostly stays healthy so that students can have a peaceful life here. Here are some major advantages for staying in a hostel:

  • This space gives priority to the congenial atmosphere for the study purpose. That is why; students can keep studying peacefully here.
  • In most hostels there is a time table to follow. One has to wake up at a given time and they also have some given time for their breakfasts, lunch and dinner. In fact, there are proper time table for other activities as well which one must follow while staying there. As a result, when students have a hostel life they clearly understand the value of time and become punctual.
  • Going for group studies can be a very common thing that happens in a hostel. Not all students are of the same calibre and have the same understanding of a subject. Hence one who is able to grasp more can help the others who have not been able to do the same. This helps in a constant flow of knowledge.
  • Apart from reading text books here students also get the opportunity to read different newspapers and magazines as well. Some well equipped hostels also have their own libraries from where one can borrow books of their choices.
  • When in hostel, each and every individual has to do their own daily chores and there is no other to help. That is why; it increases their self confidence and habit of self reliance.
  • Mostly students of same age group start living together and so they make some really good friends during their hostel life. Some becomes friends for their life.

When it comes to boys hostel Kota, they also mostly follow the same rules and regulations. But yes, there are some bad sides of a hostel life too. First of all, the students have to love away from their family and homely care is not possible in a hostel. There are some hostels where ragging from senior students are still being reported. Though a lot of colleges have taken step against it, but still it is a function in some or the other places. This can be very harmful for a student.

But overall hostel life is safe and fun.

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