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Why do you Need Antivirus on a Smartphone?

Android is considered more secure than other operating systems. But malware threats are getting more dangerous and vital. The android device usually doesn’t get infected with viruses. These devices have inbuilt protection features that can keep viruses away from your system. Now the question is, are Smartphones fully protected from malware? Well, no! There is a various dangerous malware that can harm your Smartphones easily.

Today people prefer accessing the internet with Smartphones due to their mobility. As you know, the internet is home to most of the malware. If you are using the internet on any device; you need antivirus. antivirus provides various features that are specially designed for android devices like an anti-theft, photo vault, app lock, call blocker, etc along with the anti-malware features. Android does offer good security from various malware but installing a good antivirus is always better than regretting later. Here are some common features you should enquire before buying antivirus for your Smartphone:

Safe Browsing-
The Internet can get you into various malware so you should always keep your browsing safe and private. A safe browsing feature reviews the page before loading. If the page seems suspicious or malicious to the antivirus; it triggers the red flag to the page. The antivirus alerts the user and asks whether he want to open the page or not. 

Virtual Private Network is an essential tool when you are using unsecured internet access. If you and a hacker are accessing the same network then he can enter your device and perform the malicious task. He can also access your Smartphone remotely. VPN creates a private network that keeps your IP address secure from hackers. While sending the data; it encrypts your data packets. VPN creates a secure channel for sending the data and preventing data breaching activities.

As you all know, Smartphones are prone to get lost or stolen. Antivirus provides an anti-theft feature for mobile devices for keeping your data secure. If you have an anti-theft tool of your phone then you can easily lock or erase all the data from your device. It ensures that even if you don’t get your device back; you don’t have to deal with data theft. When a person tries to open your Smartphone and fails to open the lock multiple times; the front camera clicks the picture and sends it to your mail. You can also detect the current location of your phone. 

App lock-
App Lock is a crucial tool for keeping personal photos and data secure from others. People usually keep all the apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and email accounts, etc login on personal devices. If you lend your phone to anybody then he can easily check your other accounts. Before your privacy gets ruined; use the app lock feature on your phone. This feature of McAfee Activate Product key antivirus locks all your applications that mean people can’t access your other accounts without your permission. 

Antivirus also helps to prevent your device from fake downloads and malicious URLs. If you want to keep your Smartphone secure from all kinds of threats then install a reliable mobile antivirus on your device.


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