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Why Career Counseling is Important for Your Child’s Future?

This field has a great scope, our relative’s daughter also did this’. This is what we say to our kids when they come to us for career guidance. In India, career counseling is a nascent field. Most of the times we take career guidance from our relatives and friends. But we forget that their guidance might or might not work.

They don’t know your child as well as you do. It’s not necessary that if their kid was able to do it so yours will too. At ASPAM IIS, the Best Schools in Sharjah, we counsel students for making their career brighter.

The key to your child’s bright future is smart and understanding career guidance. Schools play a major role in the career counseling of your child. Where you send your child to learn and get helpful guidance is important.

When And How It Begins:

It begins at school. A 16-year-old faces the problem of choosing a path that will determine his future. At this juncture, he decides which stream to opt for (Science, Commerce, Humanities, etc) and the career guidance he depends upon is that of parents, teachers, and friends. All of whom might judge his choice according to his marks.

Getting admission in a college is made out to be such a big task to achieve that the child gets nervous and focuses on getting good marks. He’s not even made to think about his interests first.

Why Career Counseling?

• Explores, Unexplored Interests:

Your child might still be unaware of what he loves to do or what he’s good at. A report shows that 1 of 3 students are unhappy with the subject they choose.

Career counseling can help the child to find his interests, which were oblivious to him till now. Career counseling in schools can be the best way to discover the interests of the child as various tests are architectured to determine the interests and capabilities of a student.

A Case Study: India International school Sharjah is such an institute. It focuses on helping their students find their interests and polishing them through various methods.

• Illuminate Future Goals:

Goals are decided in the past, worked in the present and achieved in the future. Every student has some goals to achieve, for which they are working hard.

Any to all goals are set on some studies when it comes to one’s career, getting a bit of advice before setting the goals would be a smart move.

Career counseling is objective and strategic. It leads the student to possess clarity on his future goals. It informs them about the obstacles they might face and where they will reach in the next few years of their achievement.

A Case Study: India International School Sharjah clarifies the goals of the students by having a one to one conversation with them. It also helps in illuminating the hitherto set goals by imbibing a love for learning and achieving in them.

• Shows A Way To New And Bright Paths:

Some fields are new, advanced and have developed recently. These fields might not be as popular in the present as they would be in the future (like blockchain technology, bartending, ethical hacking, astrophysics). The scope of such fields can be analyzed and informed to students for a better decision.

Career counselors are admirably good at providing such information. They reveal the scope, challenges, and knowledge associated with such un-tapped fields.

How Can Career Counseling Be Done?

A bit of useful career advice is all that matters to hold a successful career. Career counseling is done with this aim only. Career counselors adopt various methods to achieve this aim.

•Building awareness:

Students might lack adequate knowledge of what to do and how to do it regarding their careers. Career counseling is done to provide that knowledge. Building awareness among the children about the various opportunities available is crucial. Career counselors have apt knowledge of the various subjects. They give perfect advice to the children.

• Assessments:

Assessments can be done to determine the students’ potential. Matching capabilities with the interests of the child is very important. Ask the child about his/her interests, then test them by asking questions about it or taking a regular exam. The results of the assessment will present a clear picture of what to go for.

• Counseling at home:

Having a healthy and informative conversation with your kids can be a step to understand them and their goals in a better way. It will also help you in building a friendly relationship with them.


Children might find it hesitant to seek help from others, but it is our responsibility to encourage them to talk and decide aptly. Having a career counseling cell in schools can be a smart way to help the children. India International School Sharjah has adopted this method to know their students.

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