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Where to eat near the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India, and its great treasure is the Hawa Mahal. Well, near this beautiful palace there are fantastic places to eat.

If you plan to travel to the Indian city of Jaipur, you will have to eat, right? When it comes to replenishing forces and energies, you have to know where to do it to enjoy the local cuisine or the one you prefer. So be prepared, because these are the best restaurants to eat near the Hawa Mahal. Take good note.

Eat near the Hawa Mahal, for all tastes

You may think that you may not find something you like or that you can afford. Nothing is further from reality. That’s why we want to give you a list of the establishments where you can eat near the Hawa Mahal. Prepared? We start…

  1. The Palace Cafe

It is on the premises of the Sawai Man Sigh Museum, in the City Palace of Jaipur. You will be in an environment full of luxurious interiors and where art deco prevails.

The meals are prepared with delicious local products, where they serve both regional and Indian dishes. There is space for vegetarian food and preparations that are exclusive to the Far East. Only for the decoration it is already a recommended place to go.

  1. MM Khan Hotel Restaurant

It is a restaurant for non-vegetarians and known for serving the best chicken in the city. It is in the historic Pink City, feeding in a special way to all those who are looking for authentic Mughal cuisine. An experience and also serve halal food.

  1. Kailash Restaurant

This is, without a doubt, the best vegetarian restaurant. It is in the center of the historic city of Jaipur, just behind the Hawa Mahal, where you will be able to enjoy a really quality vegetarian meal. They use only fresh ingredients, cuisine from North India and Rajasthan in an environment of great comfort.

  1. Art Coffee

A site that is a great mix of art and food combination. We can see it next to the City Palace, being a good place to relax and enjoy the food.

The coffee is inspired by several works of art of the city. The food is vegetarian and you can taste high-level products, from Thai to Lebanese.

  1. The Grand Peacock Restaurant

A restaurant that we find inside the old city of Jaipur and that the clientele really likes. Quiet place that has wonderful views of the Pink City.

Authentic Rajasthan cuisine menu, which is unique inside the walled city and is truly delightful. We talked about a perfect place for lunch after a long tourist walk.

  1. Midtown dine Jaipur

It is close to the Jantar Mantar and the palace. The restaurant is on the third floor of an alley that does not attract attention. It is, however, a quite romantic and quiet place.

We highlight its clean interiors and excellent food. On the menu there are dishes of world cuisine. The kitchen can be seen from its glass windows, which, together with its views of the Pink City, make it a great dining experience.

  1. Jain Patang Udyog

This is a snack bar that has many Indian snacks. It is in the Johari Bazaar, being a perfect place to eat after shopping. Customers love the authentic taste of traditional Indian snacks.

  1. Ganesh Restaurant

This restaurant is on the rooftop of Nehru Bazaar, next to the New Gate, and offers fresh vegetarian food right in the center of the city.

The site is simple, but that is precisely what gives it a special charm. Traditional Indian bread, roti and naan can be cooked to perfection. In addition to this, there is a wide variety of Indian dishes, which will make many diners enjoy varied and quality food.

As you can see, the dining options near the Hawa Mahal are the most varied. So, vegetarian or not, you will find a good meal to enjoy after a day of sightseeing.

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