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What the Current Generation of Genesis Cars Can Assure You?

Genesis means the ‘origination’ or ‘beginning’ of something and true to its name the company has brought in a fresh new perspective to luxury vehicles with its range of luxury sedans the G70, G80 and G90.

The current generation of Genesis cars bring forth a never seen range of features that define its design, styling, convenience, technology, performance, handling and safety.

Going by what Genesis claims, there are a great many range of offers where there is something for everybody, irrespective of whether you are a prospective buyer, already a proud owner or planning to upgrade your existing ride of a newer model. We chose Genesis dealer Voorhees Township to take a quick look at what the current generation of Genesis cars can assure you.

Ultimate in Luxury

Putting the best foot forward, Genesis is what you are looking for if style and luxury is your nirvana. Every Genesis vehicle is impeccably designed with fine lines of sophistication and classic refinement that makes a statement and announces your arrival in style.

If the G70 is about sporty refinement and marvelous design engineering, the G80 is about spaciousness and immersive luxury in premium soft touch materials. The G90 is adorned with luxury and goes on to provide distinctive convenience features and controls throughout the vehicle.

Contoured and heated seats, ambient lighting, soft close doors and puddle approach lamps provide you with the ultimate in luxury.

Convenience Redefined

All the Genesis vehicles redefine convenience and spoil you with an exhaustive list of features you are unlikely to find in other vehicles in their class.

The G70 comes with capability to add an available head up display that displays your driving stats in front of you without having to specifically take your eyes off the road to check them out.

Touchscreen navigation is another essential feature the current generation of Genesis cars come with.

A surround view system completes the cycle enabling you to monitor your placement on the road amongst other vehicles.

The G80 raises the bar with an option to add an available touchscreen navigation to the advanced navigation system.

Heightened Safety

The current generation of Genesis cars assure you of heightened safety. The G70 for instance comes with Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection that can sense and alert you about stopped vehicles or people in front of the vehicle so you can start slowing down or stop.

Similarly, you have Smart Cruise Control system which assists you in maintaining the appropriate distance and speed when you are cruising and there are other vehicles in front of you.

The G80 and G90 adds a stop and go system to this and the G90 has an advanced Driver Attention Alert system that can detect drowsy drivers and alert them to take some rest.

Breathtaking Performance

Common across all the Genesis vehicles is the breathtaking performance with a 2.0L Turbocharged GDi 4L engine capable of 252 hp on the G70, 3.3L GDI Twin Turbo V6 on the G80 and G90 capable of 365 hp and an available 420 hp V8 for the G90 for throwing some weight around.

Genesis dealership Voorhees Township appraised us that the balanced performance and smooth handling of the current generation Genesis cars is attributed to an Adaptive Control Suspension.

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