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What Makes 2020 BMW 3 Series Special?

BMW – the name says it all!

It is without any doubt that it is one of the most popular names in the automobile industry globally. From children to adult all knows about BMW cars. One of the vehicles which are quite loved by the consumers is the BMW 3 series which one get can get from San Luis Obispo car dealerships.

The 2020 version of 3 series from this brand is till date the largest one in the sport sedan category. It offers a thrill when handling it and it refined and powerful engines makes it quite the special car from BMW.

Let’s take a look at it in details!

Engine specs

First get to know about the engine specification before anything else. It is a four-cylinder 2.0L engine which powers this car. With remarkably swift, equipped with a turbocharger makes this car produce horsepower of 255. Its AWD drive train accelerated from 0-60 mph within a mere 5.2 seconds. This is remarkably quick and matches its rival’s performance.

Now people looking for more speed in this sporty sedan can opt for its variant inline six turbocharged engine that offers horsepower of 382. This is extremely refined as it then revs to about 7000rpm. Now the real wheel drive version of this series; this vehicle rockets from 0-60 mph within just 3.8 seconds which quicker than all of its competitors in this segment making it the best car out there.

Though there is no manual transmission available in this version, the automatic 8-speed transmission is available with Manual as well as Sports mode. Smooth operation and snappy shifts, it is a pleasure to won such an outstanding machine. Standard options include paddle shifters which are mounted on steering wheel. People looking to opt for a hybrid version, guess they will have to wait a little bit longer. More can be known from car dealers near San Luis Obispo.

Cost price and models

Four variants are available for this model. The base one is the 330i which retails at $41,745. Next up is the 330i xDrive which costs about $43,745. The higher end trims of this vehicle include M340i which is priced at $54,995 and M340i xDrive for which one will have to spend at $56,995.

For ultimate performance and power people generally opt for the higher end models. This series offer best combo when talking about buying a car which offers value, performance and luxury. It packs enough power along with easy controlling that not only offers a smooth ride but makes driving this car quite thrilling. Lastly, BMW mentions that adding suspension M sport will lead to improved handling as well as few enhancements for exterior. The base model offers 26 mpg when driving around in a city and 36 mpg when on a highway which is amply good for a car of this caliber.

All these make the BMW 3 series a special car which everyone should have in their garage in this year. It is the best one in the market which offers luxury, comfort, performance, and more. Get a test drive and see it for yourself.

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