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What is the best water filtration system for home use?

Very often, faced with the need to choose a purification system for the water we drink every day, we let ourselves be guided by hearsay and fashions. Water constitutes 70% of our body mass so it is easy to understand how this decision cannot be taken so lightly.

Do water bottles weigh more and more? Start saving effort and no longer buy plastic bottles, but rely on a domestic water purifier to drink directly from your tap! The water present in our homes, although classified as drinkable, is full of bacteria, viruses, chlorine and heavy metals, which can make its consumption dangerous. To use your home water without worries, you can rely on a domestic purifier as you rely on other kitchen appliance: it is a system that allows you to directly purify tap water without invasive hydraulic interventions.

Types of Water Purifiers Easily Available in India

There are two different purification systems, depending on the purity of the water. If this has a low impurity rate, microfiltration can be adopted. Otherwise, if the presence of bacteria and impurities is higher, we recommend using the reverse osmosis system.

Microfiltration purifier: it is a process that uses active carbon filters that remove chlorine, large sediments and, thanks to a UV lamp, also eliminate bacteria.

Reverse osmosis Purifier: Among the safest and most used purification systems, today is the reverse osmosis one that modern technologies have made available in a compact version, thus also being used in the home. Thanks to this process, a pump pushes the water through a membrane that removes almost all of the substances present from it. Because of the presence of special membranes, the water is passed through tiny pores with a diameter of 0.001 microns (a human hair is 10 microns), managing to retain heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, poisonous substances and part of the mineral salts. The most modern systems are equipped with a valve that allows you to reintroduce a percentage of untreated drinking water in a controlled manner, in this way you can adjust the substances present in it according to the taste and needs of the user.

Reasons to have a water purifier at Home

  • It allows you to drink pure water, free of bacteria or harmful substances. You can avoid buying water bottles by reducing plastic consumption.
  • You can amortize the system in a short time, generating significant savings.
  • You can have both cold and sparkling water.
  • Reduce the risk of kidney problems.

The prices of domestic water purifiers vary according to the brand, type, filtering system using in it and according to the accessories you choose to add to the basic products, such as refrigerators.

After so much technical information, the time has come to understand how to choose the best water purifier in India for you! First of all the main element that affects the choice of the type of purifier is the number of people who live in the house, because according to this the consumption varies. You can decide where to install the system and understand which product is best for you: the installation position may vary depending on whether the water purifier is positioned above or below the sink.

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