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What is the Approximate Cost of Liver Transplant in India?


Liver transplant refers to a process of replacing your diseased liver with a healthy liver. This process is taken into practice when none other treatment plan works on the patient. In short, we can say liver transplant is a medical solution for end-stage liver diseases.

When it comes to Liver Transplantation, it is in its golden era in India. The surgeons in the country possess expertise in providing successful treatment that too, without any severe post-surgical complications. Also, the cost of transplantation in the country is economical.

Know the Price of Liver Transplant in India:

The Average Cost of Liver Transplant in India is USD 33,000. However, there can be some additional costs along with the surgery that includes:

  • Medications
  • Diagnosis
  • Place for treatment
  • Fees of the medical team
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Travelling cost
  • Food and lodging etc.

In spite of including all the additional costs along with liver transplantation, the price of treatment is still low.

To give you a more unobstructed view of the affordable cost of liver transplant in India, let us compare it with the price of treatment in other countries.

Price of Liver Transplant in Different Countries:

  1. India: 30,000 Dollars
  2. US: 5,75,000 Dollars
  3. Germany: 1,50,000 Dollars
  4. UK: 1,10,000 Dollars
  5. Thailand: 2,25,000 Dollars
  6. Singapore: 3,00,000 Dollars

In India, you can avail your treatment in NCBI accredited hospital that has the best-in-class infrastructure and all the facilities under one roof. Highly experienced surgeons perform cost-effective procedures in top hospitals and increase the chances of success of the treatment.

All the surgeons are experienced in performing complicated procedures. Most of the times, the cases that are not taken up by the doctors in other countries are resolved successfully by the surgeons in India.

Apart from that, one of the major concerns after liver transplant is post-surgical complications. However, after the treatment in India, the patient does not suffer any significant side-effects. It is because medical professionals provide care after the surgery, so it becomes easy for the patient to recover and does not face any further issues.

Even if there are minor risks after the treatment, they are curable with the help of medicines and exercises.

These side-effects do not last long and subside within the recovery period.

However, the Approximate Cost of Liver Transplant in India can vary depending on the medical condition of the patient and certain other factors. Still, the cost will never be high from any other country, inclusive of all the medical and non-medical expenses.

Final Words:

Do not bear with life changes due to your liver transplant. It is better to undergo the treatment at the earliest and regain your healthy life. If your surgeon suggests you for a liver transplant, and you want to travel to India for treatment; you can contact medical tourism companies in the country. These medical tourism companies will fix your appointment with top surgeons and help you with all your requirements.



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