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What is a wedding registry? It’s importance in India

wedding registry

A wedding registry is a list of gifts that a couple creates to let their guests know about the things they want for their wedding. The list goes to the couple in the form of a link. The link has a list of the gifts and also gives the guests an option to buy the wedding gift to contribute then and there. Once the gift is bought, the wedding registry company ships the gift to the couple whenever they prefer. This eliminates the pain a couple has to take to carry the gifts and giving it.  It could be anything.

A bride record or wedding record is a list of wedding gifts that an engaged couple wants to buy. The couple chooses the wedding gifts they want, then they can access their friends and family on their own wedding wish list. The wedding registry gift list is generally up to dated when a product is bought from the wedding wish list, which refers what is still on hand for the selection. Most couples however prefer some of the below.

Kitchen Items

Travel accessories

Home decor


Holiday packages

Experiences and


While such a concept is very famous in the U.S, there is a big need to make it popular in India. While some celebrity couples in India took the initiative to do a wedding registry, this concept needs to be taken seriously from the perspective of a waste free wedding. Here’s why a wedding registry is especially important to get popular in India.


What came in Sharmaji ki beti’s shaadi doesn’t have to go to Guptaji ke bete ki shadi. Sharmaji ki beti can get what she wants so she doesn’t have to give it off to someone else.

The point being when a guest knows that the couple might not use the gift given to them the guest  still goes ahead and gives them that. That needs to stop at some wedding. Wedding gifts can’t get circulated from one wedding to another. A wedding registry stops gift circulation at a big level. Because if everybody is getting the stuff they would use what are they going to re-gift.

Millennial couples

It’s high time millennial couple get what they want. A wedding gift registry helps them voice their opinion and ask for the stuff they need. The guests save money from wasted gifts, they also don’t have to carry bulky boxes and the couple also gets what they want.

Group gifting

Gift registry has this amazing feature called contribution. Have you been part of a big group and thought of buying the couple a big/expensive gift with the combined amount? Then there will be 1 or 2 dedicated friends going to buy the gift. Then there will be one guy coordinating the finances to split the amount of the gift. With the gift registry all that is eliminated. There is a gift everybody decides to contribute to, then everybody goes and contributes to it based on whatever the budget is. The couple can also see what amount is contributed by whom. While that is not possible in the former case.

So these are the reasons why the wedding registry concept should gain popularity in India.

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