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What Is A Spam Score?

Everyone is indulged in publishing blogs for earning the name, fame, publicity for their product or for their own personal branding. As blogging is getting great publicity as a matter of generating revenue for organizations and individuals but for achieving a high ranking they need to step on someone others door for getting a do-follow link. But is it worthy to publish a guest post on anyone’s website? No, it is a matter of consideration while planning to get a backlink from someone’s website. Because spam score may break all your performance even if you are ranking higher on the SERP page. 

Let”s dwell in the story of one of my friends who is working as an accountant and working in the industry. Meanwhile working he is handling a personal blog in which he usually publishes technicalities of Softwares like Quickbooks, SAP and many others. And he is also fond of writing guest blogs on other accounting guest posting websites to earn some publicity in his domain but not aware of the spam score metrics which will harm his websites. Let’s help him to understand what the spam score is all about.

Here under this, we have described the different matrics of a spam score in the SEO field-

A brief on the spam score

The spam score is a metric that is developed by Moz that indicates to predict the trustworthiness of the site. Mainly there are 27 factors on which millions of websites getting banned or penalized. But the Moz strictly say that these metric or score does not say that the website having low score means that the website is spammy.

Spam score breakdown

There are three breakdowns that help to understand the level of the spam score. As in this if a website is having 30% or less than that the website spam score is low. Where if a website is having between 30-60% of the spam score than it is known as a moderate level of spam score and if it is more than 60% it is meant as a high level of spam score. 

Different metrics on which these are judged

  1. A limited number of pages- If a website is having a limited number of pages on their website then this is a signal of spammy website. As the spammy websites majorly have a limited number of pages but this doesn’t mean that all websites having a low number of webpages must be spammy. 

As for example, you can see the Backlinko website who is having only three webpages but has a no spam score rather than that it is having 66 DA so we can say that it is not mandatory but all spammy website has low pages.

  1. TLD correlation- This can also be assumed as a great factor if the domain extension seems spammy. As many websites use those extensions that are not much popular but only meant for manipulation.
  2. Length of a domain name- Having a domain name excessively long then it is also a signal of spammy website. As before time back, people generally buy the domain name that is generally long and satisfying a single query because of which these types of websites seem more spammy and generally get penalized by google.
  3. Domain name with numeric- This type of website also seems spammy when a single website is using numeric in their domain name.
  4. Lack of google font API in the domain- These are also one factor that is used to judge the spam score when a single website is not using google API fonts to seem a little bit different than others.
  5. Not having any contact details- When a website is not having any type of contact details on their webpage then it is a signal of spammy website.
  6. Not having a double click ad tag- When a website is lacking to have a double click ad tag which is generally present in all sites.
  7. Google tag manager- Google tag manager is present in all the high valued website but if you see a spammy website than generally, these websites do not have google tag manager.
  8. No support email address- Spammy websites do not have any type of email address for any support.
  9. Default to https- This is also an indication of spammy websites that they never think of spending their bucks in SSL certificate, where https is a good signal of trustworthiness.
  10. Use of meta keywords- Pages that use meta keywords unnaturally in their webpage is also a signal of spammy website.
  11. Length of the title and description- Pages with very long and short titles and descriptions are more associated with spammy websites.
  12. Jumpshot rank- Having low jump shot ranking is also a matter of the spammy website.
  13. External links- When any website is having very abnormally high quality links or low-quality links is also a great indicator of spammy website.
  14. Lack of Facebook pixels- When a website is not having a tracking pixel on their website then the website somehow seems spammy.
  15. Linking domains- When a website is having a huge number of high authority websites linking to it then., it seems spammy.
  16. The number of links to single content- When a website is having multiple pointing domains than it seems spammy in nature. 
  17. Use of high CPC anchor text- This is generally used by the spammy website that they publish guest posts with anchor text on other websites that are having very much high CPC.
  18. URL length- Generally the websites that are having very long URLs seem spammy.  

Here I have mentioned those points that are having very much influence on your website.

How to handle spam score?

This is a matter of any website owner than what to do when you are stuck with any of the above given point. If your website comes under any of these metrics than it is not a matter of getting tensed as these metrics are only developed on the basis of correlation you need not change any of the policy of link building. These metrics are only for those who had got penalized.

What if another website is having a high score? The same situation stands here as it is simply based on correlation but before taking any inbound link keep an eye on this.


Here you have done a full scrutny what spam score is all about but don’t think all as a thumb of rule and decide after doing a great job of investigation. And for guest posting, you must only see the relevance of the content and then also it must have a low spam score ranging between 1-30% only. This is the greatest metric while taking for a guest posts.

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