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What is a Ball Valve? How it Works?

Overview :

Ball valves are amongst the most effective and commonly used valve in the oil and gas industries. And although the ball valves are sometimes used as the substitute of the gate valves, they are still very popular among the small industry owners who aren’t having enough space in their plant to go with the larger and heavy gate valves.

The Ball valves differ from the gate valve mainly in design and durability. For the buyers who are having different start/stop points in their plant and want to have a reasonable and affordable way to deal with it, the Ball valve is a relatively better choice to go with.

The functionality of Ball Valves

The basic function of the ball valve is to start and stop the fluid circulation in a particular part of the plant. And as the ball valves are not as durable as the traditional gate valves, they aren’t recommended to use as a replacement of the gate valves. The spherical closure design provides the valve with a compact look and easy maintenance in comparison with the gate valves. Also, the 90-degree rotational movement makes the ball valves easier to use and you can easily use them even in tighter space.

In other words, the ball valve operates more efficiently in tighter spaces and with lighter capacity than usual. With perfect design, easy usability and highly efficient performance, the ball valves are amongst the most comfortable to use valves for starting or stopping the oil or gas flow to the specific parts of the plants. The exclusive and unique design of the valve makes it one of the best in the industry for the users. The perfect leak proof design of the ball valve makes it an excellent choice for the fluid and gas industries.

So, if you are having multiple start/stop junctions in your plant and are willing to use the substitute of gate valve at every node, the ball valves are a better choice to go with.


Now, once you are aware of the ball valves and the working of the valve, another important thing to look for is the manufacturer and quality of the valve. For the proper working of the plant, it is essential that you should rely on one of the most reliable and efficient companies that deliver the best quality valves for the users. The perfect leak proof design of the ball valve makes it an excellent choice for the fluid and gas industries.

One such company that you can completely rely on the ball valve is the Camtech Valves. Dubai. Camtech FZCO is one of the most reliable manufacturers that manufactures the most efficient and affordable valves.

Headed by Dhananjay Choudhary, the efficient team of Camtech Valves produces best-in-class valves for both the oil and gas industries. By choosing a perfect ball valve from Camtech Valve, you can be assured of getting the best performance and unmatched reliability.

IN all, if you were looking to buy the professional quality valve for your industry, the Camtech Valves, Dubai is the perfect manufacturer regardless of the industry for which you are looking to buy the valves.

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