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What Hair System is Available for Men?

hair system for men

One can experience hair loss at any stage of his or her life. And there are many reasons that contribute to this condition. It is a condition that occurs more in men as opposed to women. And it significantly impacts their self-esteem. 

There are many ways through which men can conceal their baldness, and one of the popular solutions is a hair replacement system. It is an affordable and non-invasive solution that has become quite popular in recent times. 

Hair replacement systems are designed in a way that looks completely undetectable and natural. Additionally, you can wear it to the shower and comfortably wear through all your normal day-to-day activities.

How Hair System for Men Works?

It is a non-surgical procedure in which a thin transparent layer is attached to the scalp, creating a stiff membrane. This membrane is already implanted with hair, which can be synthetic or real human hair. The type of hair you choose should match the texture and characteristics of your existing hair. 

Moreover, the transparent membrane enables the scalp to be visible and provide a natural-looking appearance at the crown and partings. Presently the membrane is attached to the scalp with medical adhesives that are translucent and hypoallergenic. 

It is a completely painless procedure and apt for people who don’t want to undergo other surgical procedures. Moreover, the membrane is porous; it lets your scalp breathe and provide maximum comfort. You have to remove the hair system and get it cleaner every four weeks. 

Types of Hair System for Men 

When choosing the hair fiber, you have two options – synthetic hair and human hair. People popularly prefer natural hair because it looks more realistic as opposed to the other option. 

A mix of human and synthetic hair is another population option available in the market that is becoming increasingly popular. A drawback of synthetic hair is that you cannot style it as it can burn or melt. 

Hair replacement systems are not merely popular among women; they are equally preferred by men as well. Whether it is to cover the hair loss or use it as a fashion accessory, the hair system for men has become extremely popular in recent times. 

Moreover, there are so many hair systems available for men in the market; it truly leaves them overwhelmed with options. Below we are highlighting some of the popular hair systems for men that are trending in the market. 

  • Ultra think V-looped hair.

Designed using genuine human hair, it is a realistic-looking hair system for men that comes with the thinnest base. It features a 0.03 mm skin, which provides you with a natural look and goes completely undetectable. Along with providing a natural appearance, it is lightweight and feels super-comfortable when worn. Moreover, you can get this hair system in a variety of color options. 

  • French Lace Stock System 

French lace stock system, as the name suggests, comes with a complete French lance; therefore, you will get full head coverage. Men who are suffering from male pattern baldness end up looking much older than their actual age. 

It significantly impacts their appearance and self-esteem. However, with the full coverage of this hairpiece, those mean can get their lost confidence back. Furthermore, the lace cap remains completely undetectable; therefore, you will get a realistic appearance with it. It is designed using real human hair, so you will get a natural look. 

  • Hair System with Super Thin Skin and Lace Front

It is a popular lace front hair system for men that feature a super thin skin. Therefore it remains undetectable and is considered one of the most popular types of hair systems for men. 

If you have a receding hairline, then this hair system would be perfect for covering it up without looking unnatural. And for people who wish to be a bit experimental with their hair system, these wigs come in different color variants as well. Therefore with a super think skin hair system, you get style, comfort, and quality. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to opt for a surgical hair replacement system, then a hair system for men is the perfect option for you. Moreover, there is a wide range of options available in the market for a hair system. It will give you the most natural-looking feel while providing optimum comfort.

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