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What does the education industry hold for the Generation Alpha (children born since 2010)?

Generation Alpha (children born since 2010) will be incomparable! With the rate of 2.5 million Alphas born every week, by 2025 two billion Alphas will be around the globe.

Being blessed to be born to the digital age and this technology being an important element in life, Generation Alpha will shine as the most unique and dynamic generation. The Alphas will be most intensely educated and economically rich too.

At Indian High School Sharjah, we believe that as this new generation brings new rays of hope, there seem many challenges as well.

The first fundamental characteristic is their relationship with Information Technology. They live an IT-enhanced life and digital device is an essential part of their lives.

Another characteristic of Generation Alpha is the assumption that their interaction will be simple and prompt.

The generation will spend a longer period of time in education and other adult responsibilities as the beginning of the career, marriage, and family will follow later.

The first Generation Alpha is now seven and has begun their formal schooling. And twenty years down the line, they will be the most educated and tougher than any generations so far.

The goal of education should now shift from content-driven education to empowering students with strategies for “how to learn”.They should be taught the system or structure to gain the next levels of learning.

We will have to bring change in the institutional structure. The educators will have to progress to be a guide on the side and not the sage on the stage.  These digital natives will demand mentors and not teachers.

Considering the challenge in holding the interest and engagement level of students in the higher education system, the faculties should focus on providing hands-on experience to teach the practical skills set. Generation Alpha will look forward to specialty learning than a broad education pattern or a strict curriculum.

As there are two sides to every coin, Generation Alpha may encounter the difficulties of face-to-face contact, social interaction to name a few. As educators, the main goals in the education of Generation Alpha should be on the well-being of mind, body, and environment. Significance of personal connections and social interactions should be thrown light on. It should focus on openness to learning & re-learning and risk-management. The education system should lay emphasis on moral and value education. The major learning that will help Generation Alpha to succeed is adaptability, resilience, and perseverance.

Being one of the Best Indian Schools in Sharjah, we envision making an educational system of learning that brings out the best from every child. We believe every kid has the ability to bring something unique to the world.

Swapnaja Deshpande (School Counselor)

ASPAM Indian International School, Sharjah

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