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What Are The Top 10 MS Specialisations To Study MS Courses in USA?

MS degree in USA

According to research, India had around 36.64 million students who enrolled for higher education for the year 2017-2018. Also, the Gross Enrolment Ratio of higher education has increased to 25.8% in the same year.

However, there is an increase in the migration of Indian students to the USA by 12% YoY from 2017 to 2018. Thus, before you plan your higher education in the USA, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind, such as accommodation, tuition fees and etcetera expenses for course. USA has been one of the preferred choices for students aspiring to pursue MS courses.

Given below are some top MS Specialisations to study MS degree in USAthat can be a good education destination for indian students.

  1. MS in MIS

MS in MIS, also known as MS in Management Information Systems, is a combination of two types of courses, such as IT courses and business courses. The courses include Database Marketing, Systems Development, Telecom management, etc.

  1. MS in Life Sciences

MS in life science deals with the scientific study of plants, animals and human beings. The future specialisation that this course offers is biotechnology and molecular biology.

  1. MS in Energy Engineering

This course deals with the understanding of various fields such as economics, physics, mathematics, chemistry, environment, etc. The course is more expensive than most other similar courses. However, you can avail an education loan to pursue it. A guide on post-graduate courses in American universities can help you easily plan your expenses and your future.

  1. MS in Pharmacy

The top universities in USA offer this course, which is a combination of biology, physics and chemistry. It deals with the healthcare code and conducts, along with medical reports, drugs, etc. The course contributes to its sub-domains like pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, medicine, etc.

  1. Ms in Computer Science

MS in computer science is one of the most popular MS courses in USA. It deals with the understanding of the use, principles and theories of the computer system. It is a combined study of hardware and software and contributes to the field of graphics, software testing, programming languages, operating system, etc.

  1. MS in Data Science

Students pursuing this course will have a completely analytical approach in understanding the target audience, thus making them an asset for industries like pharmaceuticals, retailing, IT sectors, etc.

  1. MS in Petroleum Engineering

MS in petroleum engineering is one of the MS courses in USA that revolves around the concept of geology, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, economics, etc.

  1. MS in Wireless Communication

This course provides in-depth knowledge of the physical and deeper layers of wireless communication.

  1. MS in Game Design and Game Development

It is an extended course of computer science and deals with infrastructure, game development, cognition and games, etc.

  1. MS in Embedded System

This course offers a scope of higher education for students from an electronics background and deals with microprocessor boards plus other related embedded systems.

These MS courses in USA have contributed to a vast job scope for students and are gaining day by day. It is essential for every student to have a budget before they opt for such courses as the fees and other charges may be a bit too high. You can always avail a loan against property to fund your education. Many financial institutions and NBFCs offer loans at affordable interest rates. Bajaj Finserv is such an NBFC that provides loan against property for education at considerable interest rates against minimal documentation. They also offer online account access, flexible loan tenors, easy approval and a loan of up to Rs 3.5 Crore to finance higher education.

You can use the loan to finance your education and other costs such as travelling, food and accommodation, etc. These courses have immense career scopes especially if acquired from reputed educational institutions.

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