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What are the Benefits of Using a Travel Credit Card in India?


The Indian financial market witnessed a substantial rise in the usage of credit cards during FY 2018-2019. Cardholders have spent a whopping Rs. 6 Lakh Crore using their credit cards, nearly 30% higher than last year when it was only Rs. 4.6 Lakh Crore.

This rise can be directly credited to the benefits extended by credit card issuers to the consumers. Several financial organizations offer specific credit cards such as travel credit card to meet specific customer requirements. These credit cards are meant for specific purposes and you can greatly benefit from using them whenever required.

How do you benefit from travel credit card?

To make the most of a credit card, it is important to know how to choose the right credit card for yourself. Hence, analyse your spending habits as well as your requirements relating to work or business, and then decide on which type of card is best suited for you.

In case you are a frequent traveller for business purposes or love adventure and travel credit card will be apt for you. Reap following benefits through the same –

  • Earn air miles

Air miles are the primary benefits associated with travel credit cards. You earn points in accordance with the distance you have travelled and on the amount you have spent using your credit card.

Your credit card issuer is likely to have tie-ups with a few airlines partners; make sure you have prior knowledge of the same which will help you in reaping the appropriate benefits. On earning miles, they get accumulated into your account. You can redeem these miles against future purchase of tickets. You may also redeem these reward points from your travel credit card to purchase several products such as accessories, electronic devices, beauty products, etc.

  • Lounge access

With the reward of airport lounge access all over the world, you can greatly improve your travelling experience. Credit cards like Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard offer such free access to lounges for a number of times in a year. They also offer several other features and benefits including a simple and timesaving application process.

  • Discounts at hotels

You can minimize the overall expenditure for your travel too by knowing simple tips to get the most of your credit card. Several hotels have partnerships with credit card issuers; make sure you know the same to reap maximum savings on your hotel booking.

Earn special discounts apart from reward points when you pay for hotel stays using your travel credit card. Redeem these points later and use them in future transactions.

  • Avail a personal loan

Apply for a personal loan using your unutilised credit card limit for a reduced rate of interest. Submit an application to the credit card issuer at your financial organization and convert your credit limit to a loan. Most lenders also provide an interest free period of 3 months after the loan approval along with the flexibility to repay the same in three EMIs without burdening you financially.

Hence, one of the prime reasons why credit cards are better than debit cards is the wide range of offers and benefits the former provides a customer. A travel credit card is an appropriate option for many who are frequently travelling. Also, with benefits such as air miles and lounge access, travelling becomes significantly easier for an individual who utilises their credit cards to the maximum.


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