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What are the 5 Best Tablets for Reading in 2020?

Sure, we now have smartphones and tablets that can do almost anything we can imagine, so why look for the best tablets to read? Well, the screen of these traditional devices is not really suitable for reading our eyes and can cause eyestrain during a longer reading session. For reading purposes, electronic readers dominate the world market and have conquered many bookworms who simply cannot overcome their passion for reading. If you’re considering buying or giving someone an electronic reader, here are our best options for the best reading tablets.

List of best reading tablets:

  • Kobo Clara HD 6” E-Reader
  • BOOX Note Pro 10.3 E-Reader
  • BOOX Nova Pro 7.8 E-Reader
  • All-new Kindle Oasis
  • Likebook Mars E-Reader, 7.8′ Carta

1. Kobo Clara HD 6″ Carta E Ink E-Reader:

Kobo Clara HD is the best reading fellow for any book lover. 6 Letter E Ink high definition touch screen provides print-quality reading experience Comfort Light PRO provides the best light whatever the time of day


  • 6″ Carta E Ink touchscreen
  • Comfort Light: Built-in
  • 64 x 5. 91 x 1. 06 inches, 180G

Customer review:

  1. Eighty

The Kobo Clara HD is very functional for my daily return trip to work on the long train journey and to read at night.

It is one of the Best Tablets for Reading in 2020.


Very easy to use with some orderly analysis features and being able to connect directly to the library’s saturation account. I like the automatic light change to a more red/orange tone because it is done later at night.

2. BOOX Note Pro 10.3 E-Reader, Front Light:

Note the Pro screen displays 200% more text than normal 6-inch e-readers. For books with the same size fonts, users may be more concentrated due to the lower number of page turns. This is the best reading tablet.


  • A larger screen and less flipping
  • Supports more than 20 formats
  • Highlight, annotate and search the dictionary

Customer review: 


This is exactly the type of device I have been waiting for a long time. This device really looks premium


The front light, the size, the appearance, the way it reacts and it is reading application that displays PDF and all kinds of other formats, simply outperform any Kindle and any e-book reader on the market.

3. BOOX Nova Pro 7.8 E-Paper E-Reader

BOOX Nova Pro Allow reading in the dark and during the day thanks to the front-lit screen with an adjustable colour temperature system. the electromagnetic touch and the capacitive touch are compatible and easy to handle with the stylus and fingers.


  • Dual touch
  • Front light
  • Android Based System
  • Flush glass-based screen with high resolution

Customer review:

Keith Peters

This is an amazing device. An overwhelming amount of features and options. The fantastic experience of reading and writing/drawing with the pencil exceeded all expectations for me.


This tablet is awesome. Adjustment ball is particularly useful. It is small, ubiquitous and customizable. You can touch it in any application and has access to screen brightness, Wi-Fi, whatever. Treat yourself and buy the tablet.

4. All-new Kindle Oasis – with adjustable warm light:

The new Kindle Oasis presents our best Papering 7 dpi and 300 dpi screen with the latest electronic ink technology and elegant ergonomic design with page change buttons, perfect for reading with one hand


  • lightweight & Waterproof
  • Best front screen in white paper 7 “300 dpi
  • Instant access to millions of books, newspapers and audiobooks.

Customer review:


I am very happy with it and it has excellent functions. I like the adjustable amber tone.


The new Kindle Oasis includes largest 7” and 300 dpi screen with the latest electronic ink technology and elegant ergonomic design with page change buttons, perfect for reading with one hand.

5. Likebook Mars E-Reader, 7.8′ Carta Touch Screen,300PPI, 8Core Processor:

Likebook Mars with integrated dual colour temperature front lighting. Change of dual day/night mode.  Supports several conventional playback formats on the market. Supports data transfer via Bluetooth, WIFI and more. Meet all your needs!


  • High-speed Octal-core Processor
  • Convenient PDF Reading
  • Voice Reading Function

 Customer review:


The March E-Reader Likebook is my first E-Reader. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The screen is beautiful and easy to read.


It is probably the best electronic reader given the price because you can do a lot more with it than other electronic readers like Kindles or Kobo’s


Electronic readers are simple devices. Although at first glance this may seem like a drawback, electronic readers are doing their job well. Seeing e-readers never intended to do everything. But there are many reasons to consider an electronic reader for reading on a traditional tablet. Electronic readers have a small and compact design with an easy to see screen that does not harm our eyes, in addition, it can also store 1000 books at a time and does not break the bank.

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