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Wedding Gift Ideas for the Different Types of Couples

Gift Ideas for the Different Types of Couples

Weddings are truly a magical time. I feel weddings make you believe in a happily ever after for just a moment no matter how jaded you are. Being surrounded by that kind of love can thaw even the Night King’s heart a little. (Maybe a little itty bit? No? Okay.) The grand lavish weddings are thrown as a celebration of their love and start of their new life together. So, as guests, I feel we can honor this by at least getting them wedding gifts that the couple would actually like and use.

Here are a few wedding gift ideas for the different types of couples :

#1. The Travel duo

A lot of millennial couples are into traveling. In a recent survey, it was found that today most couples opt to travel together rather than spend their money on materialistic things like a huge house or jewelry etc. You can get the couple some travel accessories that they would really appreciate. You can get them travel/packing bags, a nice high-end travel pillow, travel gift cards or maybe even a GoPro. Also, you can even gift them a holiday at any destination they’d like if you’re willing to splurge or are willing to gift a group gift.

#2. Couple Moving Abroad

Some couples move abroad right after they get married. Or it may so happen that one of them might be marrying someone living abroad and moving there. For them getting travel bags and packing bags makes a lot of sense as they have to move soon. Also, you can maybe get them traditional/regional cookware that they may not get in the place they’re moving to. The most efficient and helpful thing you can do is get them gift cards from vendors that are available there so that they can choose what they want and don’t have to carry things all the way there.

#3.The Entertainers

There are a few couples who are the entertainers and just love hosting a party. They’re the kinds who have something or the other get together happening at their house. For them, the perfect wedding gift would be gifting something that’ll be of use when they’re throwing such parties or maybe even a backyard lunch. You can get them a grill, bar essentials like cocktail mixers and such or servers, etc. They’ll be ecstatic that you’ve given something that encourages them to do what they love!

#4. The Cooks

Most of the time both the groom and bride won’t be into cooking. Only half of the duo will be into it most of the time and sometimes both might not be into cooking. So if you know at least the half that’s into cooking then gifting something related to what they love is the best. You can gift them appliances that they need or love or baking utensils and accessories. Trust me no matter how many baking utensils you have, the more the better.

Hope these ideas help you with giving the perfect wedding gifts for the different kinds of couples! Happy gifting and hope you continue giving and receiving meaningful and thoughtful gifts.

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