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Ways To Take Care Of Your Shetland Sheepdog In The Best Possible Way

Are you a dog owner or planning to buy a shetland puppy? Then you need to know that dogs as a pet needs extra care. Without this care, they can become ill or dull. Among all the other breeds Shetland sheepdogs are the most loyal dogs and are very affectionate especially towards kids.They are sensitive and need extra care than all other breeds. If you have a shetland sheepdog as a pet, you can not ignore to take care of it properly. Caring for a sheep and sheepdog van be a little expensive the other dogs but it’s necessary. To provide your dog with a comfortable environment you need to take care of everything from its food to its exercise. So make sure you buy all the necessary items before bringing your sheep and sheepdog home. Following are the tip through which you can take good care of your sheet and sheepdog:

Feeding guide:

Shetland sheepdogs need extra care in case of food. Never let your dog do overeating or to starve. Your need requires a balanced diet according to his age. The following information will help you manage your dog’s food according to his age:

Eight to twelve year old:

Only feed him 4 times a day. More than this can be harmful:

Six months old:

The right way to feed your six-month-old dog is to provide him food 3 times in 24 hours.

Six months to one year:

Your pup is now grown up. He needs more quantity but only 2 times in 24 hours.

Above mentioned feeding guide is a standard way. Although you need to study your dog’s eating habits and adjust them accordingly.

Your dog needs exercise daily:

If you want your dog to stay healthy then it is necessary to take him for exercise daily. If you will not take your shetland sheepdog for a regular walk and exercise, he may get out of shape. Daily exercise also helps your dog feel fresh and make his mood better. Regular exercise is like an energy boost for your dog.The best part about daily exercise is that I will help your dog learn basic things like digging, chewing, smelling, and much more. The exercise limit purely depends upon your dog’s age and stamina. Study your dog’s exercise requirement according to age and fulfill it to keep him happy and healthy.

Grooming guide for your dog:

Grooming is very crucial for a healthy and good looking dog. It does not require much time to take care of your dog grooming daily. Let us have a look at how to groom your dog well:

  • Brush your dog daily to reduce shedding.
  • Brush your dogs’ teeth for a fresh breath.
  • In summers, don’t forget to check for fleas and ticks daily.
  • Cut hairballs or mats found on sheepdog body instantly.
  • Give Bath to your dog every week with shampoo in summers and every two weeks in winter.
  • Make sure that you take the shampoo or soap out of his coat otherwise it will result in catch dust.
  • Cut the nails of your dog on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Clean his nose and ears from wax every time you bath him.
  • Clean your dog’s eye instantly after he wakes up.

Carry your dog the right way.

Carrying a Wheatland sheepdog puppy is easy for the grown-up dog. It is very important to carry them the right way. Let us have a look at tips through which you can carry your dog comfortably:

  • It is very inappropriate to carry your dog from the front legs.
  • Never try to handle him using his neck or tail.
  • Put a hand on his chest and second on his rear or hind legs to carry him comfortable.

These are the best way, you can handle your shetland sheepdog without hurting him.

House for your dog:

A comfortable place to rest after all-day stress is very vital for your dog’s health. In winters make sure the house is warm and cozy. Put a comfortable bed on the floor and put a clean sheet over the bed. Don’t forget to put a comfy cushion for your dog on his bed. The important part is to clean the dog’s bed daily and make sure it’s clean. A water bowl will be a part of your dog’s bed in summer and a blanket in winters.

Regular check-ups:

If your dog is suffering from any disease, it will be evident from his behavior. If you feel any change in its behavior then take him to his vet for a check-up. He’s eating, drinking and playing habits may change when he is ill. Also, he will act dull and lazy in case of any injury or suffering. To save your dog from any health issue or pain, take him to the vet for regular checkups.

Train your dog well:

As defined above shetland sheepdogs are very sensitive. They often fully reserved when meeting new people. To make him social it is necessary to train him well. To do so, you can put him to an obedience class. In the class, he will learn to be friendly and mix up with people. Your dog will also learn to follow your instructions. Never command your shetland sheepdog in a loud and rude voice, it will provide him to be timid. Don’t worry you will not require much time and effort to train your dog because shetland sheepdogs are quick learners.

Final words:

You must be worried about your shetland sheepdog health because they are very sensitive. They need regular care to stay healthy and happy. Although they are quick learners, you still need to train them to be friendly and social. To keep them healthy, you need to take care of there food, grooming, exercise, and comfort. If you don’t have one you can get shetland sheepdog puppies on sale on P4pet.Now you are all ready to buy a shetland sheepdog and can take care of him well.

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