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Top 5 Stunning Beaches In Iceland

Besides being famous for its stunning glaciers and hot springs, Iceland is also popular for being home to several captivating beaches across the country. Located at the edge of the arctic region, these enchanting beaches offer warm enough water to have a bath after a long hiking day. However, if the water is not warm enough, it is still a great place for photogenic people to have some great clicks and make long-lasting memories. Moreover, it offers you a great opportunity to ride Icelandic ponies on the beach. 

Iceland, which is also known as the ‘land of ice and fire’ have some cold-water beaches with volcanic black sand providing such majestic views, which can make you go jaw-dropping. It is also a great place for those who love adventures and have the guts to try thrilling daredevil sports such as sea-swimming and arctic surfing in the chilly cold water, while people who love spending time admiring the nature can visit this place with their families to have a good time collecting seashells and rocks. Whenever you visit Iceland, keep some of the top beaches on the chart.

Here are some enchanting beaches to visit in Iceland: 

Alftanes: Alstanes is a fascinating beach having white sand littered with lava rocks. Located in the municipality of Garoabaer, between the towns Kopavogur and Hafnarfjorour, it takes a twenty-minute super jeep drive from Reykjavik city center to reach here. This beautiful and tranquil beach has a lot more to explore. There is a church called Alstaneskirkja nearby the beach, which can make your trip even more pleasant. Visit this beach with your family and enjoy kite flying, collecting rocks and seashells and have a warm soak in the beach water.

Nautholsvik: Unlike other underdeveloped beaches in Iceland, Nautholsvik is a man-made resort having fair-colored sand along with high-class public facilities. This place provides a tropical feeling, which attracts the locals to come and spend time here. Nautholsvik is geothermally heated to make the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean a little warmer for the tourist to experience a warm dip. Moreover, the resort offers two outdoor hot tubs, a sauna, a dressing room, and a volleyball net to have a great time playing with your family and friends.

Raudasandur: Located at the southern edge of the Icelandic Westfjords, this enchanting beach is covered with Pulverized scallop shells, which gives it a velvety look. Along with this, the beach provides some majestic views of black surrounding cliffs and blue ocean waves. This golden sand beach is a perfect place to spend your holidays and experience tranquility. However, you will need to put some extra efforts to reach here as it consists of steep gravel road, hiking for a kilometer and wading a river. But once you reach in the mesmerizing lap of the Raudasandur beach, all your efforts will come worthy. This is the beach you can discover along the golden circle route.

Grotta: Located by the outskirts of Rekjavik, on the Seltajarnes Peninsula, there is a black sand beach, which provides the most beautiful views everyone wishes to see. There is also a stunning lighthouse on the beach to have a visit. The Grotta beach provides every season view including bird watching in summer, view aurora in winters and romantic sceneries at the time of sunrise and sunset. Moreover, there is a tiny hot pol, Kvika, where you can experience a warm dip to relax your mind and muscles.

Budir: Located in the Snaefellsness Peninsula, this fair-colored sand beach littered with jet black lava rocks provides the most beautiful picturesque views. Along with this, there is an ethereal lava field nearby called Buoarhraun, which is famous for activities such as hiking, horse riding, and nature photography. Tourists visiting this place will also get an opportunity to have a view of curious seals in the shallows of the shores.

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