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Top 5 reasons to Invest in Best Web Design Agency

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As a leader of web development and design domain, we have come across several instances where web design has been found to be overpowering any other attribute of a website in winning a lead. Lead generation also depends on the way a person perceives your company based on his experience and his interaction with your website.

If only given 15 minutes to evaluate a website, 66 percent of people while prefer a website that is designed beautifully. Plain and simple is good, but you should understand that website design is an integral part of your online marketing presence.

But that is not all, that a visually stunning website has to offer. There is a whole new breed of benefits, along with SEO advantages that comes with a web design. Foxtraut as the best web design services, decided to drag your attention to the top 5 reasons any company must invest on web design. 

Also, if you need any consultation for revamping your current website, or design your website from scratch, you can talk to our executive right now at 

So, without further delay let’s get started: 

1. People Say First Impression Is the Last impression … And They Are Right!

At least when it comes to web designs, as we shared, it is a known study that web design plays an integral part in deciding whether a person would spend more than 10 sec on your website or not. Yes 10 seconds, people judge a business within seconds. When 10 seconds is your window, you need to act smart and you need to play hard.

Unappealing website, outdated website, these are some of the red flags you must definitely avoid it at all cost. Web design is how your brand is communicating with your lead. 

2. Fuels your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Google the most used search engines of all has many guidelines that instruct a company to improve their web design to help its web crawlers crawl better. In layman terms, a well-defined website can help you improve your organic search ranking. There are many elements of website and there are various practices about how you publish your content on your website that affect your search engine spider crawl and indexing. 

While you spend a ton on digital marketing, improving your on-page fundamentals is free of cost and can work wonders. Of course, there are various other factors too that you need to improve when it comes to web design and its affect on SEO strategy, you can start with a much cleaner code and come down in comment section to share it has helped your business ranking. 

3. Reflects that quality of work/product you cater

Foxtraut has been in business for quite a while now, and we have an impeccable web design agency. It is one of our first advise to our clients to treat their website as a part of their marketing material. People usually ignore website, and as a result, when they run ads, PPC or even do social media advertising a potential lead might come on their website but doesn’t convert.

Reason behind this is a website speaks for the quality of work you provide. If can’t bring value to your own website, people usually misjudge you of being a business that doesn’t cater quality. 

Try to design an app that is very customer friendly, very inviting, modern has elements of a modern website provides a welcoming feel to new people that come to visit it. 

 4. It is a trust builder 

Colours, visual elements, content, the cleanliness of your website, these are some of the attributes of web designing that work on a user psyche to inculcate the feeling of trust for your product or service. If you have a poor looking design, outdated content they won’t trust your site. In fact, they might see you as a shady service provider. 

A professional site is what you need in the modern days to communicate your trustworthiness to your user. Simply you have a better chance to capture more leads on a site that is well designed.  

5. Up Your Ante! 

Yes, your biggest competitor is doing it and they are beating you because they have invested time and money in designing their online presence.  

They have already turned their websites into a digital battle armour.  If you need to stay in competition you need to beat them at their own game. You need to stand apart from the reset in competition. Foxtraut can help you a ton, if you are looking for any kind of design consultation or you need help in understanding it even deeper. 

So, instead of sulking and getting outranked, why not show what you have got. 


Some of the other benefits of a good website design includes consistency and page speed. A good digital marketing agency Delhi NCR helps you in turning yourself into a brand, it allows you to get a consistent flow of lead generation which is a key to conversion. And page speed.

Well we all know how page speed is essential for a good SEO, it is one of the most important factors when it comes to reducing bounce rates on your website. 

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