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Top 5 Online Exam Proctoring Software, 2020

exam proctoring services

Today, most of the professionals prefer online learning and Proctoring, the online method for exam supervision is becoming popular among them. With online proctoring services, the professional may take the exam anytime from anywhere. Here, the proctor or the supervisor monitors the online exam live or post-exam using the computer to check and verify the professional’s identity.

A proctored exam is beneficial for today’s professionals. Because, it saves time, travel expenses, and the costs of an exam center. It creates a familiar ambiance for the examinee and boosts the morale to manage the exam. Moreover, the privacy of the exam is protected as per the new GDPR. It monitors the exam activities throughout the exam scheduled time and safeguards the exam integrity. The entire process gets automated, efficient, and standardized. As a result, several companies and educational institutions prefer online proctoring services as against the traditional exam(s).

The educational institutions adopt online proctoring services to conduct exams while the companies adopt for the recruitment process. Some of the companies that have adopted this service include Amazon, Cognizant, Walmart Labs, etc.

We find several online exam proctoring software. Some of the factors to look for while opting for the right software are as mentioned below.

Factors to consider while choosing the online exam proctoring software

Though choosing the right proctoring solution is a challenge, there are certain factors to consider while selecting one for your institution or organization. The factors like budget, time, and type of exam also influence the selection of proctoring solutions. The main influential factors are:

Stakes involved:

If stakes are high, you may opt for the live proctoring with auto proctoring. If it is moderate, then you may go for a secure browser or auto proctoring solutions.

Location of the exam:

Depending on the exam, like whether online or designated location, you may opt for classroom proctoring, record and review proctoring, 360 video and audio capturing, live proctoring or auto proctoring solutions.

Economies of scale:

If there are a large number of exam takers, then auto proctoring work is preferable. Likewise, if the number of exam takers is less, then you may opt for live proctoring, auto proctoring, or record and review proctoring solutions.

Moving forward, we have compiled a list of the most popular exam proctoring services here to watch out for the year 2020.

Best online exam proctoring software providers 2020

The top five online exam proctoring software providers are briefed here.


Mercer Mettl, the online remote proctoring service provider provide tools to assess skills and conduct proctored exams. The main features of the software include:

  • Exam proctoring
  • Live proctoring
  • Recording proctoring
  • Reviewing proctoring
  • Online ID authentication


This online remote proctoring application delivers auto, live and ID authentication solutions. It caters to corporate Institutes and Universities.

The special feature of the software is that it has an AI-powered solution with an annual capacity of conducting around 1 million tests per year.


The online proctoring software is named as Proctor track caters to clients like students, institutes, and instructors.

  • Biometric authentication
  • IP protection for institutes
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered
  • Trusted Identity as a Service powered through computer vision


This online proctoring software is the most preferred choice among academic institutes. It has a proctoring capacity of more than 10,000 exams on a daily basis. The exams are AI-driven and facilitate ID authentication.


It is a completely automated cognitive remote proctoring solution. The assessments are secure and authenticated and enable exam schedules free from location constraints. It was created to provide equal opportunities for all prospective candidates.


Invest in the right online proctoring services depending on the integrity level you wish to have in the tests. However, AI-driven proctoring systems are recommended today to conduct exams in a seamless and affordable manner.


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