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Top 5 Cisco Certifications for Network Engineers

Today, there is a high demand for skilled IT professionals in the job market in many areas of the Internet. People who are seriously considering their computer history should consider one or more online certifications that work best to stand out from the competition. In terms of maintaining and nourishing modern networks, there is a long list of tools and technologies that the professionals of information technology need to master, especially managers who want to work in a network. On the other hand, the servers and clients that make up the endpoints in such an environment, several networks should be considered.

This includes the physical and virtual switches and routers as well as many tools and services such as integrated threat management, next-generation firewalls, and software-defined network, and network operations, virtualization and wide area network optimization features, along with spam email, and filtering of content. However, understanding all these options for certification and specializations can be difficult, but knowing where to start can be helpful. Considering five online certifications in terms of the order, as listed in the employment chart below that belief are network leaders in 2019 and onward.

5 Best Cisco Certifications in Demand

Concerning the certificates based on networking, Cisco is considering as one of the world’s leading certificate provider. However, Cisco is likely to be the choice among all the online certification programs. Cisco certificates are completed at the entrance to the specialist level and contain a variety of information technologies. Even though vendors are more selective, thus the Cisco certificates are generally recognized for the huge amount of independent information they possess. However, many cloud-based services providers make this customized knowledge easy to use. Here are the key Cisco certifications that will be currently helpful in terms of networking developers to choose the right path for the careers.

1.   Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)

Today, C.C.E.N.T is considering as a basic certification and a great choice for beginners or qualified applicants to switch networks. However, CCENT incorporates basic networking opportunities at the entry-level and certifies units as system administrators with the ability and experience to develop, manage and come through smaller networks of enterprises. Though the current CCENT test is incorporated with 100-105 ICND1 certification training. Thus, the demand for this certification is basic knowledge of operating systems and functions of the computer systems. However, CCENT certified based tasks incorporated with the network engineers, skilled workers and executives, along with systems engineers. To obtain the CCENT, one must have to ensure the core practice of ICND1 training and its relevant aspects, though the CCENT is also considering as a great step for some of the Cisco’s high-level certifications.

2.   Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA R&S)

In the current era of technology, C.C.N.A-R&S still requires certification for the new networks. However, centennial system administrators have begun collaborating with CCNA R&S. Thus, Cisco has expanded the range of CCNA options and generated additional layers for instance wireless cloud, data security, and data center. However, CCNA R&S further explores in-depth ideas for the switching and infrastructure of network technology. Nevertheless, this is considered a neutral approach towards the network technology and Cisco routers and switching operating systems as well. For CCNA research and development, candidates must have to earn their CCENT certification and pass the ICND2 training exam or to obtain its head towards the CCNA composite exam. Keen preparation is must require for CCNA R&S exams with Cisco and ICND2 certification training, also, online practice exams and questions will be helpful.

3.   Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)

In general, CCNA certifications focus on the performance of network infrastructure, but C.C.D.A emphasizes the design of truly affordable and scalable networks. Though this certification is recommended by the experts who passionately design the components required to design a network that meets the requirements of businesses for a robust and flexible network. However, network design engineers value organizations highly for their ability to design new network infrastructure and develop modern infrastructure accordingly. To qualify for CCDA certification, one must pass an exam of Cisco DESGN covering the development of network infrastructure, technology, protocols, and routing and switching tools. Moreover, CCDA also opens the opportunities for CCDP certification, focusing on more efficient routing and switching technology and multiple networks system.

4.   Cisco Certified Network Associate Cloud (CCNA Cloud)

Concerning the existing trend of IT, C.C.N.A-Cloud is supposed as a very dependable certification for the beginners in fast-growing networks. Although the IT industry is advancing rapidly in the cloud-based services system, there is a growing concern among network engineers who are supposed to be interested in cloud experience and fractioning. However, CCNA-Cloud displays the cloud infrastructure of network engineers and guides them toward cloud solutions. As the consumption of the cloud continues, the requirement of CCNA will increase likewise.

Anyhow, this certification is not required, Cisco is actively encouraging candidates to gain a basic understanding of network protocols and technologies cross wisely. Though, two tests, C.L.D.F.N.D and C.L.D.A.D.M, must be required to achieve the certification. Both covers multiple basics of cloud and cloud products of Cisco.

5.   Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center (CCNA Data Center)

Conferring the CCNA-Data Center, with an almost new certification, CCNA has moved the original CCNA elegance to several different levels. Instead of a WAN and an Internet connection, the CCNA data center focuses on network devices within the data centers. Two tests are required to obtain D.C.I.C.N and D.C.I.C.T certification. It covers network concepts related to the situation in data and technology centers, including virtualization and network storage. Since individual data centers are of great interest, servers and data centers are highly wanted after it. The CCNA data center is the way forward for immigrants looking to develop their skills and increase their chances of reaching a good starting point.

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