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Top 10 Gold Wedding Ring Designs for 2020

Wedding Ring Designs

Getting married? Looking for the perfect ring for your soon-to-be spouse? You have tons of choices, but it’s challenging to beat good old gold. It’s a classic for a reason — its rich, golden hue has never failed to attract the eye and appeal to the spirit. That is the reason gold wedding rings are the preferred choice for most modern brides and grooms, as they have been for generations past.

Modern trends can influence even classics like gold. Here we bring you the most in-demand designs, so you’ll know what to expect in 2020.

Top 10 Gold Wedding Ring Trends for 2020

Here’s what to look for this wedding season for both bride and groom:

  1. Plain gold bands

You can’t go wrong with this choice. Solid, plain, and a true classic, it’s always the best buy for those couples who like a simple look in a ring that is both precious and elegant.

  1. Self-designed gold rings

If you’d like something sweet and subtle in the design of your gold bands, then you can opt to design a modest shape or twist. Nothing flashy, just handcrafted fluid lines to give your ring a regal and one-of-a-kind look.

  1. Engraved gold wedding rings

When you want to include a favorite phrase, a holy verse, or a heartfelt message, choose a slightly heavier ring that can accommodate engraving on the inside.

  1. Name-engraved golden rings

A particular trend with modern couples is to engrave both of your names or initials on your rings. It’s a lovely gesture that’s symbolic of your love and commitment.

  1. Matte-finish rings

If you are drawn to the idea of something “different,” yet still traditional in tone, go for gold wedding rings in a matte finish. They come in a smooth, non-glossy form that keeps the yellow band to a subtle glow.

  1. Joining-hands gold rings

A perfect choice for engagements and weddings, these gold rings are usually hand-made and incorporate a lovely design depicting a couple joining hands, attesting to their loving connection for many years to come.

  1. Braided gold rings

As a symbol of unity, nothing beats the idea of an interwoven braid, which makes it a favorite of young couples. To achieve this look, the band is laser-cut to shape the gold metal into one of many braided designs. Sleek and chic, it’s suitable for both brides and grooms.

  1. Two-heart gold wedding rings

When two people love each other, their hearts start to beat to the same rhythm. Two hearts on a set of wedding rings portrays that natural, primary bond shared by a couple and is also quite poetic in its appeal.

  1. Leaf rings

The leaf motif has been a traditional design element for decades, and now it is in demand in wedding bands because of its variety and ageless beauty. Gold is formed into leaves through laser cutting, which can provide different finishes in the design, including more shine in prominent spots. Typically, leaves are used in bridal engagements and wedding rings.

  1. Infinity gold-diamond ring

A popular style of gold wedding rings is achieved by combining gold with other precious metals and stones including, of course, the shiny white diamond. This combination, named the infinity ring, exemplifies the eternal affection and promise of a couple. It is perfect for those who want everlasting symbolic meaning in their wedding bands.

Summing Up

While each of these design styles is beautiful in its own way, you’ll want to find one that looks best on your hand. Your finger’s shape and size will influence the appearance of the ring, and what looks good on one hand may not suit another. So, try on several of these designs for the coming wedding season. Also, remember to see how the rings look when you join your hands together, as that is how you’re likely to have them photographed. 

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