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Top 10 best websites you can read Boys Love Webtoon for free


When Webtoon Manhwa was born, no one knew what it was but now millions of people in Korea are obsessed with these revolutionary comic books and are published daily – now they are spreading globally and  Became a new force to challenge Manga Hentai Doujins.

An idea that came out of the technological revolution when comic book apps could be read anywhere as long as you had a phone on hand and gradually changed the way Korean teenagers read comics in the past decade.  over the last century, and eventually it started spreading in the United States and abroad.

Manhwa Webtoon allows readers to scroll up and down vertically comic, unlike traditional comics read horizontally from one board to another.  Webtoon has eye-catching covers, diverse genres from Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Romance, Boys Love (Bl), Girls Love (GL), Horror, School Life, … to readers to choose and  No need to turn pages like Manga.  And indeed Boys Love webtoon is an interesting creation of Korean Webtoon when now Free Boys Love Webtoon Manga is being searched everyday.  No other site is more popular than that.

And is Webtoon Manhwa better?  Unlike mainstream comics, all content is free on Free Webtoon Comics.  Users don’t need to pay anything to read over 500 titles available in Korea and 50 titles available in the US.

Beautiful visuals with few lines of speech, comics are easily and quickly read.  It’s easy to know why millions of people in Korea are reading comics every day.

Plus, the characters are quite adorable.  Good and engaging story.  It’s easy when Webtoon Manhwa is growing in popularity.

Over the past few months, a number of comics have begun to use Free Webtoon Coins, an innovation that brings profound user experiences. Live stories will be paid for and paid online by coins.  Webtoon has Motion and sound is triggered by the scrolling motion of the comic.  The result is a more in-depth reading experience.

You can’t hear the sounds, but here’s an example of what Webtoon’s greatest is like from the horror comic “Vampire Heart” that you can read.

Top 10 best websites you can read Boys Love Webtoon for free:

1 – Line Naver

2 – Lezhin Comics

3 – Netcomics

4 – Manytoon Comics

6 –

7 – Tappytoon Comics

8 –

9 – Comico Comics

10 –

 Where does webtoon start?

Launched in 2003 by’s search portal, LINE Webtoon (then also known as Webtoon) is a groundbreaking answer to the sluggish state of the domestic comic industry.  .  In the late 90s and early 2000s, many comic book publishers had to close after an economic collapse in Korea.  According to the New York Times, the Korean government censored comics in the 1990s for being considered a “harmful influence”. founder JunKoo Kim – a self-proclaimed comic book enthusiast who grew up reading Japanese manga Manga Hentai Comics and Marvel Comics superhero comics – sought a path to light  create both original comics and new comics and bring them to comic book readers for free.

“There is no series coming soon,” Kim told Cnet.

“There are no great works and there aren’t any good comics I can read. It’s very disappointing.”

Kim wanted to initially move towards the teenage generation by focusing on Boys Love, Girls Love, Teen Love content that he described as “simple, light and wonderful”.  He thought it made no sense to attract only traditional comic book fans who had “clearly defined what they were passionate about.” Kim offered the roll-out of live comics.  The gland, an idea comes from the keen observation of human behavior.

Kim said that one should think about it from the perspective of the comic creator or how the user might use the content.  During this time in the early 2000s, when most content creators were still using PCs, you could read and consume a lot of digital content by scrolling down.  To read the news, you do not need to turn a page but often scroll through and read the news.  Although comics are a mixture of images and text, I think the text is only narrative so it would make sense if you read the comics in a scrolling way.

Although it may seem intuitive, Kim said it was hard to find creative people who could work on the platform during the early days of LINE Webtoon.  “But because the industry is like a ship that’s sinking at the moment, the creators are a little more open and willing to do something different,” he explained.

One of the creators known as Kim Teahe, who is studying for a master’s degree in graphics, offered him the opportunity to work with him on the Webtoon platform.  Today, he is one of the most famous Webtoon creators and runs a series called “My Stepmom” – a series about Yumi’s stormy life before meeting Kuno’s husband’s son.

Another way Kim attracts talent is by offering “Creator Alliance,” an open source platform that allows anyone to register on the website or through the app to upload and share.  Share their own original comics.  It was a program still used more than a decade later to find new artists.

Webtoon’s content chief, Tom Akel, told Cnet that once a month they looked through the submitted comics and found one to four artists in the app. These creators will then become paid artists.

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