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Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks Which are Modifying Web Application

angularjs frameworks

Web developers would know the importance of AngularJS Framework – a structural framework for vibrant web apps. Using AngularJS means that you do not have to write much of the code for a web that you otherwise would have to.

As a web developer, my job has always been easy when it comes to the decision that where do I want to operate from. I can easily work remotely. My subscription to Spectrum gives me access to high Spectrum Internet speed that makes operating from home easier.

Today’s blog post will educate the existing and aspiring web developers about the prominent AngularJS frameworks.


The Supersonic UI library consists of not just the web components but JavaScript and CSS as well. All of which you use with your most desired framework. You can also refer to Supersonic as a framework agnostic. Using Supersonic will be of benefit to you as it comes with inbuilt AngularJS. Not only does Supersonic come with this edge but it also helps the developers to simplify HTML5 apps.

Supersonic allows the developers in both HTML and CSS components.


LumX is a very prominent name when it comes to UI improvement platforms. Resorting to LumX means that the developers can plan some of the most amazing applications effectively. This platform enables the developers to develop web applications using not only with AngularJS but with SASS, Bourbon and Neat apart from Jquery.


Another platform that you will be useful for you as a web developer is Ionic. By using only one codebase you can construct very impressive applications using this platform. Ionic also utilized AngularJS for frontend purposes. Apart from that, Ionic also employs the use of PhoneGap and Cordova. If you want to develop App UI functionalities, then you can resort to Ionic.

Versatile Angular UI

Versatile Angular UI is a platform that enables you to develop HTML5 portable applications with the use of AngularJS and Bootstrap. Using this platform will be fun as it will give you access to some of the most amazing portable parts. These include scrollable zones, switches, and sidebars. Thus, making it easy to navigate through the platform.

Apart from this, you will also find it fairly easy to use Versatile Angular UI. Developers should consider using this.

Smooth UI

The good thing about Smooth UI is that it is specially designed for web applications. The platform is dedicated to developing websites. Smooth UI is not only planned in AngularJS but it also consists of Suave UI as well as CSS administrations, and definition.

Rakish Foundation

You can also refer to Rakish Foundation as Angular Directives. Not only does Rakish Foundation include AngularJS but it also comes equipped with others. These include HTML as well as CSS markups. You will also find other parts in rakish Foundation as well.


This is yet another platform for modifying web applications. If you use this platform, you will get access to some cutting edge web applications that too with AngularJS. In case you haven’t heard of it before, it is a video application platform. Videogular also makes use of AngularJS.

Components that make Videogular a suitable candidate for web application advancement include sign point framework, modules, and subject, bindable properties along with support for the mobiles. Not only this but when you install Videogular, you will also get access to some other highlights that will make it worth using the platform.


If you want to employ the use of an application that offers a start to finish test system for not just the Angular JS but Angular applications as well, then Protractor should be your choice. Protractor goes a step forward while testing the apps or webpages. As the platform does not only test the basics but will also test when is it that the site page wraps with the pending errands.

Suave UI

This platform is particularly designed to test all the web pages and applications in AngularJS format. The platform consists of not only CSS definition but also services that enable the developers to build UI efficiently.

This platform is a rather fun way of using the JavaScript development framework. By running a simple code, you can get access to Mean.

As a developer, I know the struggle that it takes when testing the web pages or apps. Hence, the above list to help you make an informed decision. If you are a developer and work from home having support comes in handy. Half the time I’m calling up my Spectrum Customer support for tech support. I have no complains because the reps there are great help whenever I face any issues.

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