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The Next Big Thing in Designer Glasses: Tom Archer

Designer Glasses

Designer glasses brands like Tom Archer are setting standards for eyewear brands in the U.K. on how quality matters. Each year millions of products get launched, and brands make sure that consumers like it. Print media, ads, TV advertisement and many other steps are executed for consumers to get hold of them and try it. 


A lot of consumers actually do try them through word of mouth or through constant advertisement but very few of them dare to use that again. Only 10 out of millions actually stay in the market while others fail to even be competitors. It’s the quality that makes consumers stay with you, it’s the benefit and additional feature that makes it worth trying. A product should be affordable, durable and highly functional for people to make a purchase. 


How big of a change does the Eyewear market offer consumers?


When talking about brands in the present eyewear market, they are not really accessible for the average person in the U.K. to enjoy. The biggest monopoly brand Luxottica owns all the leading brands, it offers frames to every designer brand that you admire. It proves that your frames are not unique or different from others but are completely the same. You pay thousands of money on them thinking that its distinct in material and design. There are very limited options in the price range in all the designer glasses for men and women.


If you are very attached to a particular brand, you are very likely to spend a lot of money to buy a particular pair of glasses, just because of the brand value. But since the brand just makes their own glasses, it’s not worth spending an excessive amount of pounds on them. Glasses are just like our clothes and jewellery. It’s a fashion statement that should be bought frequently and be experimented with various looks and occasion. Don’t let it be chained under high cost and making it a one time purchase. Don’t be ripped off in the name of a brand.


What makes Tom Archer Different?


Tom Archer is one of the fastest-growing eyewear brands of Specscart. It is a U.K based start-up brand for Specscart that’s reforming the way people perceive eyeglasses. It’s revolutionizing the eyewear market and making designer glasses an intimate fashion accessory that’s changed with days, occasion and style. When you hear about designer glasses, you quickly check your wallets to see if you have enough money that you don’t go homeless after paying them. However hard the reality may seem, designer glasses are indeed cost top dollar. 


If you want a pair of beautifully crafted designer glasses, the frames may cost you more than £150 itself, include additional yet essential lenses like single vision or varifocal with extra protective care, the list might blow your mind. A splendid pair of designer glasses cost start from £200 to more. 


Tom Archer provides a better alternative because it offers glasses handcrafted in a variety of designs sorted in textures, design, style and material. Tom Archer glasses are handcrafted in the Manchester-based state of the art laboratory. The brand builds its own glasses and sells it at a fraction of high street prices. 


Here’s what makes Tom Archer different:


Unbeatable Price – Tom Archer designer glasses are highly affordable. Frames are designed to perfection with detailed attention to every part of the glasses. The price range allows you to buy more than one pair but multiples at the same time. 


Sustainable Quality – Frames at Tom Archer are made with acetate, that’s from plant cellulose and not with injection moulding plastic. It also provides frames made with titanium, metal and wood to offer durability and strength. 


Saga of All Designs –Tom Archer offers its designer glasses in exotic design that’s filled with vintage nostalgia and mixed with modern style. It offers all types of designer glasses for women and men sorted by the latest trend. You’ll find everything that speaks your mood, style and occasion in the collection. From classic aviators to fashionable oval frames, cherish all the design. 


Where can you get Tom Archer Designer glasses?


Get Tom Archer glasses at Specscart. Specscart offers Tom Archer designer glasses available in prescription and non-prescription lenses. At Specscart, all the glasses lenses are fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistant coating. Go on and try them on, with its free home trial for up to top four frames for an entire week. Order them and see it standing on your doorstep at a glance, all done with its remarkable 24 hours dispatch. 

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