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The Incredible Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is an effective form of health care that helps people with various health issues. Accidents or injuries can affect anybody, and it mostly happens without a warning. These accidents or injuries can change a person’s life or lifestyle within a short time. And the changes can affect the person’s ability to move and function as they used to.

Whether you need rehabilitation for a knee injury, have chronic pain or you simply want to manage pain that comes from conditions like diabetes or heart disease, physical therapy will be ideal for you. Physical therapy is a method of preventing and managing medical conditions without using medications or performing surgery.  A good physical therapy in Brooklyn can help to strengthen and increase your mobility and movement.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of physical therapy.

  1. It helps to eliminate pain

The majority of patients who seek physical therapy do so because they are experiencing pain. The pain could be due to an injury, pain from surgery, or chronic pain that won’t go away. Physiotherapists have the right tools and knowledge that can assist people who experience all types of pain.

The physical therapists use a combination of manipulation, exercise, and massage to strengthen the muscles, reduce discomfort, and ease inflammation so that you can heal. These techniques can also prevent your pain from returning.

  1. It helps to prevent injuries

One of the critical aspects of physical therapy is that it involves identifying the weak parts of your body and developing a physical therapy plan that can strengthen those weak parts. By assessing the parts of muscular weakness, the physical therapist can examine how likely you can suffer an injury, and create an exercise regime that targets and strengthens those weak muscles and joints, thus preventing future injuries in those parts.

  1. It reduces the chances of surgery

Although surgery cannot be avoided in some cases, physical therapy can help to avoid surgery for some patients. Since physical therapy is able to alleviate pain, assist with recovery, and even improve your overall physical health, it can help to heal injured tissues and improve your mobility, hence reducing the need for surgery. Even after you have undergone surgery, physical therapy can help you recover faster.

  1. It improves mobility

Generally, patients find it hard to resume their normal duties after a serious injury or a big surgery. Mobility can be affected and simple tasks like writing, eating, or even balancing the body can be quite difficult. Physical therapy can help to restore mobility, make moving easier, and even improve balance for patients who are at a high risk of falling.

  1. It can help to manage pain caused by chronic diseases

About 23 million Americans have diabetes. Some of the main effects of diabetes include lack of feeling in the feet/ legs and the inability to control blood sugar. These effects can be overwhelming. Fortunately, physical therapy can be designed to include education and exercise routine to help manage chronic diseases such as diabetes. Physical therapy can also help to address age-related pain that’s brought by arthritis or osteoporosis.

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