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The AI and Machine Learning Career Roadmap in the Era of AI

AI and Machine Learning Career Roadmap

The era of machine learning and AI is upon us. Let us not live in a world of oblivion and let machines take over. What good will the new technology be if it steals jobs and tears the society apart? Don’t you think humans need to devise a methodology to help them prosper in the world of AI and machines?

In modern times, a day hardly goes by without AI. Unaware, but yes, AI is already changing the way we work and live every day. You use a device to book a cab, that’s AI. You watch a movie and you get over with it, the next recommendation of the movie that pops, that’s AI. We may not realize but AI is explicitly involved in our lives today. Perhaps, you may say, we’re so much engrossed with the functioning of AI in our lives that we barely notice.

AI is the key today.

Be it business that’s generating revenues or a machine that’s about to function – it’s all AI!

As AI and machine learning become significant in the current tech industry, businesses need to grab the right set of talent and the right set of skills to stay future-ready.

Based on a KPMG survey, global 500 companies were seen to employ about 6.2 million people, with aggregate revenue of USD 3 trillion representing a significant lot to the AI market.

Why do you need to learn AI and machine learning?

The AI industry is booming and the job opportunities for AI engineers keep increasing. To be precise, it is only now that people are understanding the need for AI and the benefits it offers. Organizations are now keen to hire qualified AI professionals for their firms.

Most individuals looking to start their career in this field end up watching YouTube videos or end up taking free online courses. These beginner tutorials may likely help you understand the basic theory of machine learning and AI. But it sure won’t help you understand the practical applications.

As an aspiring candidate looking to pursue a career in AI need to learn the fundamentals. Once they’re clear with the theory, hands-on experience is a must-have and YouTube videos won’t provide hands-on training nor will it be able to guide the candidates with the definitive path.

AI boom is in rage. Imagine the kind of money you’ll be making. However, acquiring skills in AI is a tad bit challenging.

To get into the AI industry, in-depth skills such as Math (predictions, calculus, Bayesian algorithms, probability, logic, and statistics), Computer Science (programming, data structures, and logic), and Science (mechanics, physics, language processing, cognitive learning theory).

A career as an AI engineer is not a fad.

Get your career started, earn an AI certification: –

Getting skilled in AI is not just about replacing the mundane task in the industry. It is also about taking preemptive measures in making decisions based on patterns with the help of logical reasoning to boost efficiency and productivity.

As there’s a rapid shift taking place from experimental to applied technology, it is evident that a candidate needs to have strong AI skills.

However, choosing a learning path could be challenging as you may find multiple online education platforms offering similar AI certification programs.

In such cases, it is recommended for the candidate to do deep research on platforms that are credible and are based according to the industry standards.

Having said that, it is also important to consider the needs of the candidate. For instance, if the candidate is a beginner then probably he would need to take up a certification program based on how much knowledge he already possesses. However, if the candidate is a working professional in the same domain they may take up a certification program that will boost their existing AI skills.

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