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The 5 Most Popular Luxury Cars in Dubai

Probably no other geographical region in the world has more diversity and variety than Dubai when it comes to cars. There is a reason as to why sports car rentals in Dubai are booming. Many People rent a sports car in Dubai to get their hands on their dream cars. When we look around, we see Japanese, German, Italian, British and South Korean cars. It’s a car heaven for sure. For every Japanese medium sized sedan such as a Corolla, there is an American muscle car, Charger. Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s are obviously going to be in big numbers as they are practically the first car any guy dreams of.

luxury car Dubai

The Mercedes Benz and BMW’s are some of the highest selling cars. Although there are no official numbers available at the moment, but going by the cars we see on the roads here, BMW X5 and Mercedes Benz E Class are some of the most in demand cars. Whereas if we can put our finger to it and make a rough estimate the, Toyota Camry is probably the most sold car here. Toyota Corolla is also in large numbers. The Nissan Altima is also giving quite a tough competition to Camry, and basically these two cars have snatched a major chunk of market share from Honda Accord.

How to Get Affordable Sports Car Rental in Dubai:

When it comes to cars for young guys with a loud exhaust and high revving engines, American muscle cars are quite a popular option. The corvettes, the Camaros and especially the mustangs are seriously high octane cars who have huge road presence. The newer models have retained some of the muscle designing and they have turned their cars into drop-dead gorgeous cars. There is a general perception regarding the muscle cars around the world and mostly only Americans seem to like them. This is partly because they are seen as brash, or even a little rude to say the least.

They are arrogant but that’s what America is and always has been. The arrogance drips from their cars. It’s true these cars will never reach the engineering perfection and of a Japanese skyline or the German cars that come out of Audi or a Mercedes but the road presence that these American cars have is immense. And for many young guys who are basically short on self-esteem, want validation and attention of the opposite sex, a bright red Mustang is what exactly what is needed. This is not, in all honesty a knock on the American cars and their designing. After all somebody needs to cater to such a segment of society that needs validation. And American cars makers have always been paying full attention to this segment. Whether it is the Cadillac or the Chrysler, the massive SUV’s from GMC often seen in American gangster flicks, they all are for the same types of people. Low on self-esteem so they compensate with American monstrosities that are as big as Airbuses.


Best Luxury Car Rental Services in Dubai:

Now the Japanese and the Germans are different. They feel like they have been developed by car makers. American cars feel like they have been built by real estate builders. It is like I can try to learn a musical instrument, a guitar in about 7 months and I would play any tune on it after required practice and effort. But I will not become Hans Zimmer. Because at my core, I am not a musician, never was and never will be because I don’t want to.

Americans have learned how to play the guitar but they have never produced any good tune.

Car making is an art. An art that is nowhere to be found in the American cars. In the US, car making is an industry. So in all the corporate meetings and in the race to meet financial targets, the art vanished.

Anyways, enough of my contempt for American car engineering and let’s move on to the topic at hand. Luxury cars for hire in Dubai at great bargains have made it easier for people to drive the cars they want to. But the buying power is also there. With high paying jobs and a pressure to meet the image of opulence that Dubai has crafted, people buy new cars every 3 years on an average in Dubai.

Here the 5 Most Popular Cars in of Dubai:


Mercedes Benz E class:

E class has the best of both the S class and the C class. Which makes it even more utilitarian than other 2. Plus it looks better than both other cars. Well this is a matter of choice but personally I feel that E class is more balanced, better looking and has more value for money than the S Class and C class

Toyota Camry:

No surprise there. This car is used as a taxi all over the Dubai. People buy this car for luxury which is hard to get in any car of in this price range. The safety features in this car make this one ideal family car.

Toyota Corolla:

The highest selling sedan car in the world is also one of the top 5 cars in Dubai. With is durability, better than average looks, good fuel mileage and simplicity, Corolla finds its way in the top 5

Nissan Patrol:

Ideal for young men. It is loud, has a huge engine, consumes fuel like an airplane and has a somewhat noticeable road presence. Kind of like American cars.


With SUVs on the rise, BMW X5 is also quite popular here. It has a sport look, a higher ground clearance, plenty buttons and option on the interior to convince the driver that he has spent his money on something good.

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