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Taxi Insurance – The Definitive Guide

As a taxi driver / private renter, you definitely need a rental and premium insurance for your vehicle. At first this may seem like a daunting task. You want the cheapest price, but where do you compare minicab insurance prices online? Most online car insurance comparison sites only offer private car insurance, but private rental insurance is required.

Help is available Just type the words “taxi insurance london” into a search engine and you’ll find hundreds of taxi brokers specializing in this industry. Before requesting cheap taxi insurance offers, please check all necessary information. Questions vary from insurer to insurer, but in general everyone should know if you are a public or private driver.

If you only have one taxi, you will need to decide who will drive this vehicle. Some taxi insurance companies allow multiple drivers of one vehicle. You can include your spouse in social, home, and entertainment policies, but keep in mind that not all insurers allow this option. If this is one of your requirements, please inform the insurance advisor during the contribution phases.

Important qualifications that may affect rental cost and premium insurance are areas where you have a license, age, vehicle group, license duration, and previous taxi insurance names.

Other important factors that determine if you are eligible for cheap taxi insurance are the number of previous convictions and complaints. Some insurers ask for the damage history of the past 5 years, others date back to just three years.

There are many additional options that are offered as a supplement to taxi insurance. You can also have taxi driver insurance, legal expense insurance and liability insurance. Some taxi insurance companies include these additional options in the package, while others apply a small premium for complementary products. Ask your taxi representative again which options are available to you.

As with any type of contract, be sure to honestly report all facts to your taxi consultant, as any substantial fact that has not been or has been mislabeled may invalidate your policy or claim it. Before signing a quote form, make sure all information is correct and contact your representative for inaccuracies.

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