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Students all over the world are travelling internationally to pursue their respective fields of study or art. They move to different countries away from their homes to get closer to their dreams. With more number of international students increasing in different countries, the system of student accommodation has been in trend from a long time. The basic needs of a student revolve around certain points. They need an affordable place to live, with a decent surrounding and the distance between their accommodation and their universities should be under limits. Already there is a lot of pressure on the soul to adjust into a new country all over, on top of which he has to manage his finances and work on his own. Under all the pressure that is created, he needs a comfortable place to come back after the whole day’s work. Real estate industries have looked into these matters very carefully and have come up with various options to provide the students with comfortable places to live in during the course of their study. Apart from on campus dormitories, students also prefer staying at places which are outside their university campuses to bring flexibility in their schedules. Some of the ideas that the hotel industries have come up with, follows below.

OFF CAMPUS OPTIONS: Some schools do not provide the students of other countries with the option of campus accommodation. But there are off-campus housing offices to help the students in this case. The office authorities often help the students to find a place fit to live in and also share the expenses with a room or flat mate. They give information about the local neighbourhood, restaurants, supermarkets and recreational places.


The option of renting an apartment for the period of his study is available to a student. Though a bit on the higher side from the aspect of expenses, a private apartment can provide him with necessary privacy. If he wants to reduce his expenses, he may search for a flat mate with whom he can share the expenditure. It will also be safe to have another person in the apartment if needs be. Before leasing, he must go through the terms of agreement very carefully. It is suggested that he opts for the renter’s insurance. Also he should see to the fact that the locality consists of pharmacy, grocery stores and places to eat.

STUDENTS’ HOSTEL: There are many common students’ hostels built around the universities. The feature of these places is that, more than one students share a room irrespective of their genders. They are a much affordable option for students to opt for. The hostel rooms generally consist of two tired beds in the rooms. People of different culture can be met in these hostels. This is an inexpensive way to live and also meet new people. Though not lavish, these hostels provide with the basic facilities to live in quite well.

HOMESTAYS: Home stays are a viable option for the students under the age of 18. These students prefer to stay with a family while away from home. Generally, these houses are 20-45 minutes away from the university campus. The members living in the house are given the student’s responsibility and are to provide with a personal room for the student and also timely meals for him. Living with a native family will make him acquainted to the culture of the country and also the living habits of the people with the advantage of feeling at home with a family.

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