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Some things those are not good about the Jute Rug

There are a lot of things that are left to know about the Jute Rugs. Sometimes, you just got so many questions related to the rugs on the floor. Everything has some pros and cons that you should aware of.

Some things those are not good about the Jute Rug:

  • Shedding is the one of the biggest drawback that is quite irritating. Most of the people who do have jute rug will definitely agree with me. But it is not a big issue with such type of rugs. It means that the fiber comes out from here and there, whereas I found that most of the shedding is normally hidden underneath the jute rug. On the other side, it is super easy to clean the jute rug thankfully but it is important to keep it in your mind while purchasing any Jute rug. You will experience the same that how fiber collect under the rug. Even, it seems like dirty.
  • A jute rug feels like little bit scratchy if they are made up of 100% jute and although, they are made up of synthetic fibers. Other types of rugs are much softer and even, they are made up of other fibers such as chenille. Some of them are quite softer but it doesn’t mean that you would like to crawl the same around yourself. If you are looking for something softer, then have to buy a jute rug made up of 100% jute.
  • Another negative thing about the jute rug I that it can be easily slide around anything either on the floor or on hardwood floor. It is obvious that all the jute rugs slide on a slick surface but in case of jute rug, it is little bit more as compared to others. It can be fixed by placing furniture on the floor or you can also use rug gripper tape to secure the rug at a particular place. The tape is also good for the wretched corners of the rug.
  • At last, rugs are not meant to absorb water. So, it is not possible to use the jute rug in the bathroom or even, in the kitchen also.

Something good stuff need to aware of:

    • To add texture and warmth to any type of room, jute rug must be a good option for them. They are super versatile according to their neutral color as well as tone that can mix together with any type of style.
    • These rugs are quite affordable. Even, less expensive rugs are also available in the marketplace.
    • Great options are available in jute rugs according to the pattern like stripped curtains, floral beddings or pillows with geometric shapes.
    • Super maintenance is not needed by the jute rugs and it will be easy to clean the same.
    • If I am talking about the appearance of the rugs, then it is very beautiful and quite classy as well as polished. Always stay trendy.

These are the some cons and pros about which you are aware of while buying any Floorspace jute rug in future.

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