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Some Facts About Sleep That Indians Need To Understand

Everybody loves a good night’s sleep. Sadly, not everyone gets the basic sleep they need. With reasons innumerable, like a hectic lifestyle, stress, health-related diseases, family responsibilities etc, sleep has played second fiddle way more than required. How often have we overlooked the possibility of a quick nap for that nagging task to finish? In India, it’s common to consider sleep as a luxury and not a necessity. Can this outlook prove healthy or is it fatal?

Senior neurologist, sleep expert and founder of Neurology and Sleep Centre in New Delhi, Dr Manvir Bhatia agrees that sleep in India is in fact considered as a luxury and not a necessity. The common myths of sleeping on a hard bed mattress or using the same mattress for years together to save on costs can work out to be more expensive with medical bills rising as a consequence. It’s time to bust some of these myths around good sleep, let’s start here now.

Myth 1: Why spend when freebies do the same job?

Nowadays there are offers wherein you buy a mattress and get a pillow for free. Whilst that sounds like a steal of a deal, it’s critical to check if this pillow suits your sleep position and supports them accordingly. Falling for the common trend of ‘why spend extra, when you can buy one and get the other free’ can prove to burn a hole in your pocket through growing medical bills as aftermath. Choose your pillows and mattresses to suit your individual sleep pattern.

Myth 2: Higher the thread count, better the quality of bedsheets

Popularized by advertising guru’s, this has to be a long standing myth hard to bust. A higher thread count does not necessarily mean better quality always. Of course, a minimum 200 Thread count is a good rule of thumb, however, it’s the quality of fibre that matters. Brands like Wakefit use an innovative fibre for their bedsheets that has a smooth texture despite many washes. This makes it durable and definitely of top quality.

Myth 3: Mattresses are best inherited, not bought

Indian’s love tradition and bargains! But when it’s mattress at stake, inheritance of it is not a good deal. Mattresses get worn out over time with regular use. Not only that, mattresses need to be chosen keeping the sleepers comfort and sleep health in mind. This will help alleviate any pains and aches that can start from using an awkward mattress.

Myth 4: Hard mattresses are good for your posture

This one is probably one myth that is etched into every single Indian household with the elderly. As people get older, their bones become weak and brittle, hence, preferring a firm bed mattress. However, this need not be the case with youngsters who prefer a softer mattress to assist in a cosy sleep in. Mattress choice should depend on age, weight, sleep posture, ailments etc. To be on the safest side, pick a mattress that contours your body shape when asleep thereby supporting all pressure points. Mattress manufacturers Wakefit even offer orthopedic options in memory foam mattresses that prove to be an excellent support to overall health during the waking hours even.

These are just a few of the myths around sleep that need to be put to rest immediately. A night of good night sleep is imperative for cell repair and restoration from damage during the day. It’s time to make the swap of sleep as a necessity instead of a luxury and invest in a good sleep environment along with a consistent sleep routine.

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