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Social Engineering Penetration Testing: What and Why?

social engineering penetration testing

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If your business is doing well, it’s a matter of pride but don’t forget your competitors and others have set their eagle eye on you. To get some of your extremely crucial information, they will employ several methods either in an ethical or legal way while some will do it illegally. One such way of ethically getting people to reveal confidential information about themselves or companies is social engineering.

The biggest target for social engineers is the employees working in the organization. Therefore, to ensure your business isn’t at risk, you need social engineering penetration test. So, what it exactly means. If you wondering the same, then you are probably in the right place. In this blog, we have mentioned several important aspects related to social engineering penetration testing. Let us first start with its definition-

What is Social Engineering Penetration Testing?

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Social engineering penetration testing is the process of attempting typical social engineering scams or crimes on an organization’s employees to ensure the company’s level of vulnerability to that type of exploit. It is designed to examine employees’ adherence to security policies and practices defined by management. Social engineering pen-testing must provide a company with in-depth details about how easily an intruder could convince their workers to cut security rules or disclose or grant access to sensitive information.

Furthermore, the company must also have a better understanding of how successful their security training is and how the company stacks up, security-wise, when compared to its rivals.

Why is Social Engineering Penetration Testing Crucial?

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Penetration testing is crucial to ascertain a company’s assets are completely safe and aren’t vulnerable to any kind of risks or to hackers. The organization’s clients’ information, users, the company’s transaction, and its employee data are not open to any outsider who can be a threat to the company in any way.
Undoubtedly, a company’s data is worth millions, especially when it’s running on a large scale. If they are stolen, it can cost the company a hefty amount along with extra debts. Your companions may want to steal those data and benefit themselves with millions and billions by stealing your company’s extremely crucial and confidential information.
Hackers can have potential access to master control and lock every device or system connected in that particular network. Moreover, they can demand ample money and also may secure the servers of your company.

Top Benefits of Employing Penetration Testing

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We have enlisted a few advantages of penetration testing that every company must know:
● Managing vulnerabilities which can wreck your network
● Low network downtime
● Meeting regulatory standards and avoiding fines
● Maintaining a corporate reputation
● Client and customer satisfaction

Types of Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Typically, there are two types of penetration testing tools, namely- Manual Penetration Testing and Automatic Penetration Testing. Let’s have a quick overview of the same-

Manual Penetration Testing

Manual penetration testing is performed by complete human involvement. A hacker manually discovers all the vulnerabilities and manually does attacks. However, the case is entirely different in the automatic penetration testing.

Automatic Penetration Testing

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In automatic penetration testing, the hacker utilizes automated penetration testing tools for identifying any vulnerability. Such tools have predefined instructions, rules, and algorithms that are done step by step by the software or application.
The hacker is only supposed to start or initiate the application. Further, he/she only needs to wait for the tool to complete the processes and then the person is good to go.

Because of the growing vulnerabilities and threats, organizations have increased the demand for hiring ethical hackers and social engineers pen-testers. So, if you are the one who wishes to take part in this race and get a good job, you must get an online ethical hacking course with a certificate. This will increase your chances of making a successful career.
At an average, the minimum salary of an ethical hacker is recorded to be $26,000 per annum and the maximum could anything beyond your expectation. So, take an ethical hacking course online, get a certificate, and become an ethical hacker and shape your future the way you have also desired for.

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