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Smok Stick CKit – All You Need To Know

Smok Stick CKit - All You Need To Know

The Smok Stick vapes are now trending in the market with their super cool tube style vaping pen. They claim high performance as compared to others that have already found their position in the market. With the compact look and all the flavors, it has already reached the top in the world market for best vape pens.

Components of Vape Kit

Like other vape pens, the Smok Stick V8 also has a power button, coil, glass tube, drip tip, and a top cap. The tank holds almost 5ml of e-juice. It has adjustable ohm levels that can give the best quality of vaping. It comes with a simple user manual. You get a starter kit with it, and you can simply fix it and start using it immediately.

Equally liked by Beginners and advanced vapers

This kit has proven to be the best for several sets of people who are into vaping. It is the perfect kit for beginners, but advanced sets also come back to the Smok kit because of its reliability. It is portable, compact, easy to use, and stylish to carry around. It has a 3000mAh powerful battery that manages all the control. There is also a battery life indicator, which makes it easier. You can easily adjust the airflow. Control the device effortlessly with the help of the single button available on the stick. Whether you want a thick vapor or thin, less airflow, and juice, everything can be adjusted right away for your convenience.

Security is never compromised in the product. Protection measures are installed to give low resistance, low voltage, and everything that can keep you safe from any accident.

Detaching methods

Do not put much pressure on the glass while separating. It can break the glass. Go through the manual thoroughly before trying this. You need to give a grip firm enough on the bottom to unscrew the top cap. The opening should be done carefully. Once it is opened, change the coil correctly. Insert the new one and secure it.

The quality

The internal build quality of the device is excellent. Top glass quality is used without compromising anything about the flavor. The smooth and careful housing of the elements makes it very easy to handle and safe at the same time. Smok makes one of the best quality products and brings it to the customers at an affordable rate.


One of the best performing products currently available in the market is the Smok stick V8. The ease of use is the best advantage, as suggested by many users. All you need to do is press down a single button to enjoy delicious vapors that have been cooled and warmed by an expert made device.

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