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Sliding vs Hinged Glass Shower Door: Which is Right for Your Home?

Sliding glass shower door and Hinge glass shower door are the two famous types of doors available in the market and are widely used in all parts of the world. Sliding glass shower door and Hinge glass shower door are used based on the convenience and space availability of the customer. Economical and space availability of the customer determines the choice to be executed between the Sliding glass shower door and Hinge glass shower door. The accessories intended to be fitted in the bathroom and adjacent room should be taken into account and pictured for futuristic requirements in a tidy and broad view manner.

Discussion – Hinge Glass Shower Door

Hinge glass shower door occupies more space, but it has its own advantages. The longevity of the Hinge door is termed to be more compared to Sliding glass shower door. Hinge door can swing 180˚ and accessories can be placed either inside or outside the door. The wide opening of the hinged door offers more space for the elderly and challenged people to enter and leave the enclosure. Hinged doors have no issue of tracks or rust formation, so it is aesthetically clean and tidy. Nowadays frameless hinged glass shower door gets intact to the shower unit or the adjacent walls.

Types of Hinge Glass Shower Door

Pivot Hinge and Side mount hinge

Pivot hinges are fixed to the bottom and top of your shower door. This has the capacity to act as a revolving door. Adequate space is required for the Pivot Hinge Glass shower to be installed in the home and mostly used in stand-alone shower stalls. This is an ultra-modern curved glass shower door. This can swing 180˚. Accessories can be fitted along with it for a comfortable and leisure stay.

Glass Door Systems

Side mount hinge is the regular showers doors that are visible in our homes, and it is fixed to the side of your shower door. This is easier to clean, and less maintenance expenditure is incurred in this side-mount hinge usage.

Pivot hinge glass shower door is more expensive than side hinge glass shower door as the configuration process, and the fitting process is complicated in Pivot hinge glass shower door. Based on the preference and functional requirements of the customer usage, we can decide whether pivot hinge or side-mount hinge shower door should be fitted.

Single Track Sliding Door

Discussion – Sliding Glass Shower Door

Slide glass shower door function in a similar manner to the patio door. It comprises of two sliding glass panels and rolls on tracks that are en-closed to the shower enclosure. These doors have the option of sliding along the tracks, or mechanical rollers can be installed in its locomotion. Sliding glass shower door has the privilege of being mounted across a bathtub in connection to the tub/shower configurations.

The facility of swinging the door or revolving the door is eliminated in sliding glass shower door. Space value is highly prioritized in the slide glass shower door. In bathrooms having space shortage or the presence of many accessories, such type of sliding glass doors can be installed.

This is a modern ultra-urban type of shower door. A frame-less sliding doors are more convenient because they get enclosed in the shower unit and adjacent walls, thereby giving a visually appealing picture. A light blockage inside the glass shower door is minimal, and bathroom design will remain intact.

Handles can be placed on the sliding door; this enables clothes, towels, handing items to be placed in a comfortable manner. Sliding doors can be opened from either end of the shower/tub, thereby providing access to the shower from both ends. Internal hygiene can be maintained effortlessly inside the shower room.

It has its own disadvantages such as no wide openings are provided, as parents and elderly persons require wide opening. Sliding doors have roller tracks and on regular usage accumulation of soap, water and other brick-a-brac material takes place. Over accumulation of unnecessary material can lead to rust formation inside the sliding door.

This makes the sliding door cleaning process cumbersome. A lot of effort and time gets spent in maintaining the hygiene of the sliding door.


Based on the preferences and requirements, we can choose the sliding door shower door if there is space constraint and cleanliness should not be an issue. Hinged door provides greater mobility space and less maintenance time. Hence as per our suitability, we can make a choice between Hinged and Sliding glass shower doors. has appealed to the customer’s world-wide regarding the nicest choices indoor technology and customer satisfaction at the highest level is guaranteed at K.N. Crowder Company.

For the past 65 years, K.N. Crowder has successfully satisfied world-wide customer’s and continues to advance the technology involved in door hardware installation technologies. For the best and viable choice of door hardware technology, you can visit the Company website is KN Crowder.


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