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Sites for hiking in Czech Republic

hikes near Prague

Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful places when one is looking forward to a trip. When one is here, they will get surprised to see that this place in the Czech Republic is equipped with so many places which can fill a visitor with enthusiasm. If you love hiking, then here so many hikes near Prague are available that are contributing to it a lot.

If you are not aware of the best hikes in Czech Republic, then few options are mentioned here which you can consider.

These are:

  • Săzava Pacific:

This is known to be the geological and cultural heritage available here. When one is here, he will be able to explore the wooden cottages from the old time. This place is considered to be the best because of the picturesque view available with it. Here one will be able to see wooden boards, rural cottages with proofs, and so many things which are being the center of attraction here. When a visitor is traveling to this place, he will not believe this appointed in any case. If one wants to go for a hill climb, then also this is the right choice to consider. By feeling the climb, one will be able to reach the train station, and they can go by it quickly and effortlessly. This place is equipped with greenery all around as well. Just be here and explore nature as much as you can.

  • Castle Okoř:

This is also considered to be the best hikes near Prague. When one is heading towards this castle after a walk for two to three hours, they will be able to lead to a through a forest that is passing by the Ponds, Mills, and Holly gorge as well. Some cute little towns of this place are also there which are being the center of attraction. Around the castle, there is a pond that definitely fills the visitor with enthusiasm. Somewhere a resemblance of Edinburgh Castle is also the part of this castle available here. This castle was built in 1228, and then it turned into the Gothic Castle. It got abolished after 30 years of Wars and abandoned from the 18th century. This is considered to be the best place when one wants to look forward to architecture and some of the things considered to history.

  • Konopiště Castle:

This castle is welcome to buy some beautiful forest. By going through the beautiful forest, you will be able to reach this castle. This was built in the 13th century, and there are so many Views From the towers over the pond right out of the castle. When you walk towards it, you will find out greenery all around, and the loop around the pond is also available, which is completing it.

Neptune and Turn it in fountains are being the center of attraction here. If you want you can make this Hike very short, which is about 7 km if you want a bit longer, then it will be 12 km one. By being here, you will be able to see that this place is equipped with so many things which are must appreciate.

Always look forward to the best hikes in Czech Republic. There will be the thing which can let you feel disappointed by being at these destinations. Make sure you are not going alone, and you have a guide available with you.

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