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Seven Best Tips to Hire a Freight Forwarding Company in 2020

If you are a new importer or exporter, then selecting the best and most suitable logistics partner or shifting to a new logistics provider to change your existing one is a tricky decision to make. In every industry, there are different requirements for freight forwarders. Depending on which industry you belong to or which type of cargo is being sent, the expectations you have from the freight forwarder could vary. Some companies simply use a freight forwarder to ship their cargo from one place to another in the most reasonable rates. However, it could be more than a forwarding process for a few others as their business relies on the safe and timely transit of their goods. That is the reason that you should hire a company which is completely reliable when it comes to shipping your products. 

Listed below are some tips on how to opt for the best freight forwarding company in India in 2020 and the questions that you must ask yourself while making this choice:

1. Is the forwarding company big enough to manage your global business? 

If it is essential that your goods are transported with the first sailing vessel, then you must work with a freight forwarding company in India that has several carrier contracts. This factor is also very significant in the peak season when there is a constraint of space. In case your forwarding company has more than one carrier options, then you have higher chances of your cargo being on board. You should also tell them your specific requirements like weight, size, and value and then request for a suitable quote. 

2. Is the freight forwarding company capable of handling the products you are shipping and what is the pricing offered? 

You must ensure that the freight forwarder has good knowledge of your product and has all the arrangements to ship it safely. Make sure that it’s a freight forwarding company in India that has a good number of years of experience in transporting specific types of goods. Also, keep in mind that some countries have their own particular import and export rules and therefore, it’s a good idea to find if the agent has adequate knowledge in that area or not. There are several reputable freight forwarding companies in India and air cargo services in Delhi that offer trustworthy services and competitive rates. You just have to do thorough research to find them.

3. If your freight forwarding company well-connected with global agents at origin and destination ports?

Having a good network of international agents assures a smooth information flow, thus helping you to find where your product is and also get your shipment in a timely manner. So you must ask them questions about their preferred carriers. Some freight forwarders use carriers like marginal airlines, trucking firms, FedEx, or steamship companies. Freight forwarding companies can also provide you helpful tips and recommendations regarding international trading. So you must ensure that your freight forwarding company in India provides you efficient shipping services along with valuable information.

4. What are the freight forwarder’s document and information turnaround time and can they give you some customer references?

Check if the freight forwarding company can give you some references of their customers so that you can find out about their experiences. Additionally, ask them about their turnaround time in terms of any required documents and information you might need.

5.What are the details of your contract? 

You should surely know about the type of contract the freight forwarder uses. Some forwarder agents go with renewing their service contracts only annually while some others might do it as per the shipment.

6. What are the additional services they are offering? 

It is also essential to ask about the additional services they offer. Some freight forwarding companies in India help you manage your customs clearance requirements and also other necessary documentation. Some other forwarders and air cargo services in Delhi offer insurance services, logistics and supply-chain management of some particular value-added activities, and inventory management too.

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