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Searching for Universities in UAE? Here’s our Top Pick

universities in UAE

Why Study Abroad?

No matter where we go, we meet the people who plan on studying overseas all around us. It is true that the general trend of studying abroad has seen a sharp increase over the years, as a greater number of students consider applying to well-reputed universities of their choice overseas. What triggers this desire is the thought of being a part of a renowned institute and progressing in life. When making such a decision, students thoroughly research their preferred universities and make a move accordingly. The most important factors they keep into consideration is the overall reputation of their desired institute, both locally and on international standards, and the programs they have to offer. Students work hard to be a part of such universities because they’re aware of the scholarship programs they have to offer. Most universities abroad do not allow students to study and work at the same time, so gaining a scholarship based on their skill set is a better option. Studying abroad comes with its own lists of perks and benefits. Some of these are as follows.

  1. Enables a student studying abroad to understand different cultures.
  2. Students have the opportunity to educate themselves about the way international economies function
  3. Studying abroad opens up lots of employment opportunities down the road.
  4. Imposes a positive impact upon a student’s CV.

Why Should a Student Consider Studying in the Emirates?

study in UAE

The UAE is well known throughout the globe for its rich history and culture. Even tourists and locals describe it as posh and lavish. When we think about the Emirates, the first thoughts that pop up in our minds are its grand skyscrapers and overall infrastructure. Its economic stability offers an opportunity for investors from all around the globe to invest in an existing company or set up their own enterprise. From an educational point of view, the Emirates has been rapidly establishing a name of itself as one of the most popular educational hubs. Emirati universities might be new to the game, but the main charm of studying in one of those is the entirely new experience they have to offer. Studying in the Emirates comes with its own benefits, and that is the reason why most students have been applying in them.

Our Top Pick for The Best Emirati University

Now let’s get to the point now, shall we? One of the leading Emirati university you can currently apply in is the Abu Dhabi University. ADU is the largest private university established in 2003 with campuses in different cities such as Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain and Dubai. Even though it’s still a fresh university, but it has managed to make a name for itself as a world-class institution, specializing in promoting student learning and research. The ADU had made its way in the QS University Rankings, landing itself as 2nd Globally for international faculty and at 10th place considering international students. The university has more than 7500 hundred students enrolled at all of its campuses, and it offers a wide variety of both Graduate and Undergraduate programs. The ADU is structured in the following colleges

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Health Sciences
  • Business

ADU is accredited by both the Ministry of Higher Education and Western Association of Schools & Colleges. This double accreditation serves as proof of rugged quality standards on both domestic and international levels.

Final Words

Well, the university mentioned above is one of the best to study in UAE, based upon consumer insights, that you can currently apply to. If you’ve got other plans, there’s no need to worry. All you need to do is invest some time to thoroughly research for your desired university, and you’re good to go. There’s no need being cautious about the overall ranking of a university, all you need to look forward to is the new adventure it takes you on.

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