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Saudi Arabia Announced New Umrah Packages Policy for Passengers 2019

Umrah is one of the most important obligations in Islam. It is actually Sunnah of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Every year, millions of people do Umrah. Most of them go with their family members.  Government of Saudi Arabia has announced new Umrah policy for the pilgrims in 2019. This is one of the major changes which have been done by the Government of Saudi Arabia.  As Saudi Government cancels repeated Umrah fares which have been priced SR 200.

Let us now discuss some of the bigger changes which have been made by the Saudi government.

Umrah Visa Fee

There is an Umrah visa fee which is paid before doing it. In the previous times, it was SR 200 which could be easily paid by the pilgrims. After paying this fee, they began to move over the next step of doing this holy duty but now the fee of Umrah visa has been increased by the Saudi Government, you need to pay SR 500. This is the incremented fee of Umrah visa but there is one more condition that applicants need to submit their biometric to Saudi Arabia.

Pilgrims Will Travel In A Group

Passengers liked to travel with their friends or family. They can easily book Umrah Packages. This policy was adopted by the passengers who have travelled previously to Saudi Arabia. Now, there is a restriction of less number of members of the traveling group which is going to perform this holy duty.  There must be at least 20 members in a group and it has become law.  There is a limit on the number of passengers traveling for the same responsibility. Less than 20 passengers will be charged an extra travel (transport) amount. The group must not exceed 45 members. They must be limited to 20-45 members in a group.

No More Self-Booking of Hotels By Travelers

Before the adoption of this visa policy, travelers use to book the hotels and have started managing them. There could get some type of hotel packages and in reaching Saudi Arabia, they used to find cheaper hotels after landing of Saudi Arabia. There is a different policy of Saudi-Arabia. You cannot do the reservation of the hotels by from any list other than E-Umrah portal. There are lots of hotels available on this list and you have to choose from this list.

New Fees to Be Paid on Account of Transportation Expense

There is one more clause which is added in the newer policy that without group members no person can travel from one city to any other city in a given budget. Before the implementation of this rule, pilgrims used to travel on public transportation and also on the private. The people in the group have to share their traveling cost which means 20 people have to share transportation. The condition of 20 group members’ traveling is very important. If there are less than 20 members then the remaining people have to bear the cost of 20 people. This is now a necessary condition for traveling there like traveling between different holy cities.  It is a newer rule which is applied to the pilgrims.

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