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React Native vs Flutter vs Xamarin: A Comparative Study

Every app developer faces doubt on cross-platform app development frameworks like React Native vs Flutter vs Xamarin while developing an app.

What is React Native, Flutter and Xamarin?

These are app development platforms like Android and iOS and are used in the app development process.

Android and iOS platforms are widely used for app development. Lately, the developers and designers have begun using the cross-platform for app development.

What are the benefits of Cross-platform app development?

  • Cross-platform app development is very less time taking. The app developers have to create the code only once and can use it on all the platforms.
  • Cross-platform app development is very cost-effective.
  • It is very important for the app to develop with the same UX and UI designs on all the platforms. The apps developed on cross platforms are no different from the apps developed on other platforms like Android.

React Native vs Flutter vs Xamarin

Here are some of the factors for the comparison of the three platforms –

  1. Speed of the Application

The apps should always work in a quick and responsive manner. Flutter has a high speed as compared to React Native and Xamarin. It is very important for the app developers to design the applications including only those features and would not hinder the speed of the application.

  1. Privacy

Security is one of the most important concerns for users. The React Native platform has some privacy and security issues. It uses a third-party plugin to ensure the privacy and security of the users but lacks security support.

On the other hand, Flutter and Xamarin have high designed security software.

  1. Costing

The Xamarin platform is not free for everyone. It provides free membership only to small enterprises. The Xamarin license for single users’ cost ranges from $499 to $2999.

On the other hand, the cost of the service of Flutter and React Native is quite low. Large and small enterprises mostly opt for these two because it helps in the cost-cutting of the business.

  1. Popularity

Xamarin has a wide user base of 1.6 million app developers residing in approximately 120 countries. Xamarin uses very old frameworks that have contributed to its wide user base.

The app developers mostly use Xamarin because it has the ability to use native codes. After the first half of 2017, React Native started to gain more prominence.

5. Personalization

Flutter and Xamarin have features like Hot Reload and Live Reload. These features allow conducting changes on a live basis.

Flutter and Xamarin also come with design layouts that make the application more personalized. The process of customization is also well with React Native as it contains plugins from third parties.

  1. Productivity and Performance

Productivity and Performance are the most important factor app developers look for before developing an app.

Xamarin and React Native provides good productivity because of the use of native codes.

On the other hand, Flutter has gained wide popularity because it compiles the Dart code with C-library which also increases the speed of communication.

  1. Languages

Different cross platforms use different languages for development.

As Xamarin uses native codes, it uses languages like C# and F#.

JavaScript was not designed for the React Native app development. It was designed for the web. But, it is still used by React Native as it gives productive results.

This is the reason that some Application Program Interfaces don’t work well on the React Native platform.

The language used by the Flutter is Dart. Both Flutter and Dart are operated by Google.


The choice of platform solely depends on the needs of the app developers. If you don’t require much-personalized design then Xamarin and React Native will be the best option.

On the other hand, if you want to develop a more customized app, users can use Flutter.

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